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Special Back to School Edition 8/31/20    
Welcome Message from Dr. Casey, TCS Principal 

Greetings to The Center School Community, 

As we walk into an ambitious start of the 2020-2021 virtual remote online school start, I want to say welcome and thank you for your commitment and support of The Center School community. I understand that there are a lot of questions and ambiguities that surround this school's start so let's start with the basics of school start times, the school calendar, and TCS's strong school start - September 4 (1st day of school) - September 11, 2020 before regular instruction begins in the online school community September 14, 2020.

School Start Times 2020-2021
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 9 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
Look in the newsletter below to see a draft of the Center School Online Schedule for the year. The final version will be posted to the Bell Schedule Page on the website.

Strong Start School September 4 - 11, 2020
In order to ensure a strong foundational start for students this year, the first days of school beginning on September 4th, will focus on SEL (Social Emotional Learning), use of technology platforms, Teams (online classroom) and Schoology (instructional resource), culturally responsive racial and equity instruction and building strong school/family/community partnerships. From 9-11 on the strong start days, staff will provide a diversity of enrichment supplemental activities for students by checking in on their social emotional well-being experiences and their school readiness needs, along with providing training on the online platforms of Teams and Schoology in preparation for a strong instructional learning engagement.

September 14 is when the full instructional schedules (core academic instruction) will be implemented and followed.

Expectations for Strong Start K-12 (SPS, 2020): 
  • Core academic instruction will begin on September 14. 
  • All schools will provide 2 hours of live instruction beginning at the starting bell time. This instruction should include one 30-minute SEL lesson (provided), and instruction/expectations for the day's independent learning activities. See suggestions in the chart below and the sample student and teacher schedules to help guide your planning.  Many lessons are available now on the SEL webpage at: www.mysps.org.seattleschools.org/sel. More lessons will be added as they become available. 
  • Instruction provided (live and independent) should total a minimum of 4 hours per day. 
  • All teachers will work to complete the remote learning readiness check-in (technology, well-being and academic) by the end of Strong Start. 
    • One hour of time each day is for building directed professional development (designed in collaboration with BLT, using your PD Plan). 
    • One hour of time each day is for a principal directed staff meeting and or professional development. This time may be used in any way the principal needs to use it. The district will not be directing any of this time (principals may direct staff to district-provided modules or training opportunities OR to complete family connections OR do other building work necessary to start strong). 
    • Two hours of time each day is devoted to IEP/ Family Connections / Planning time. 
    • Teachers will verify attendance. Positive attendance may include, but is not limited to live instruction, completion of independent activities and/or 1:1 connection with a teacher or other staff member. In secondary, attendance will be taken in each class. Principals will ensure that there is a plan for contacting and following up with families of students who are not attending, and for reconciling attendance to account for students who were not in live instruction but who participated in independent learning. 
    • TCS staff are working on an individualized strong school start calendar specific to our learning community which will be uploaded later in the week.
Computer Deployment/School Supplies
  • An important announcement was sent last week to students and families regarding computer deployment for those who didn't pick up laptops, Humanities books (9-11th) and gift bags. CSCA parents have put the call out to those families who missed last week's all grade-level computer deployment. Parents are working to connect with to provide delivery on Monday, 8/31 and Tuesday, 9/1, so send your completed laptop forms to both Tracey Lott @ tlott@seattleschools.org (or contact her at 206-252-9850) and Dr. Casey @ blcasey@seattleschools.org. and we will take care of the rest for you and your student.
  • During the strong start days, TCS staff will work with students and families on using their SPS email addresses to log into the Teams and Schoology platforms.
  • TCS staff will hold an additional school supplies deployment day for classroom books and materials in September 2020 (TBD) after the strong school start days.
Technology Considerations
  • To better support remote learning, the district has enabled multiple tools to be accessed via internet (i.e., student email, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, etc.). These online tools improve communication, user experience, and security for all students and teachers. Students without a district device have multiple options for accessing these resources via their own personal device (computer/laptop or mobile phone) on the first day of school.  Please see below for instructions on installing and utilizing these tools on a personal device.
  • SPS District has provided a list of links below for important information for students and families to ensure effective preparation for active learning engagement. Please utilize the links in supporting active preparation for the 2020-2021 online learning experiences.
Student Email/Schoology 
Teams for Students: 
This information is also available in multiple languages by visiting this MySPS resource site: https://www.seattleschools.org/student_portal/student_email 
For additional support, please call our support number or email us to talk to a Seattle Public Schools staff member. Contact us between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Phone number: 206-252-0100 (if the line is busy you can leave a voicemail) 
As we navigate into 2020-2021, we do so as a strong and resilient school community ensuring the most dynamic and transformational school engagement for our students and families. We can and must do this together. Thank you everyone...proud we stand, strong and powerful together. Welcome back TCS community.
Dr. Barbara Casey


First Day of School - welcome back!


SEPT 4-11

Regular Instruction Begins
Not sure when your class is meeting online? View the schedule on the Bell Schedule page of the School Website.

The following resources are available for you and your students during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Email and profiles of TCS Staff

A resource for students and their families with shortcuts to the Source, Schoology and other online tools. To learn more about Schoology, read the Schoology Parent Guide.

Learn more about how the district is rolling out distance learning during CV-19. 

SPS has published guidance for families in the IEP and Evaluation Guidance for Families 


While TCS is shut down, Teen Health Center services are still available! Services include consultation and refilling prescriptions. Visits are via telephone or video. Please reach out and we will make arrangements based on your needs.

Mental Health Counselor:
Chelsea Clark MSW, LICSW

Nurse Practitioner: 
Karen Boudour ARNP

Substance Use: 
text/call at 206-488-2795

Urgent Dental Care

If you would like to check your child's vaccine status or schedule an immunization, please contact Karen Boudour via email at karen.boudour@swedish.org, or via text at 206 390-3355.
You may also reach the Clinic Coordinator, Say, at 206 390-3355. (Call or text her at this number for the process to initiate services if you have not been seen in the Clinic before.)
Edward RhoCareer Center Specialist for TCS, has created Instagram and Zoom accounts to connect with students. Please follow "tcscareers" on Instagram for career opportunities, scholarships, internships, and financial aid posts/updates. 

You can also check out the Career Center page on The Center School website. And if your students need to speak with Edward about their career choices after high school, please email him to schedule a Zoom appointment.
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The following is a draft of the Online Learning Schedule for TCS Students. The final version will be posted online on the Bell Schedule Page.

M/T/Th/F Online Schedule - 2020-21 - DRAFT
9:00 - 9:50
Period 1 Lesson - Live
Period 4 Lesson - Live
9:55 - 10:45
Pd. 1 Lesson/Pd. 1 Small Group Lesson
Pd. 1 Lesson/Pd. 4 Small Group Lesson
10:45 - 10:55
10:55 - 11:45
Period 2 Lesson - Live
Period 5 Lesson - Live
11:50 - 12:40
Pd. 2 Lesson/Pd. 2 Small Group Lesson
Pd. 1 Lesson/Pd. 5 Small Group Lesson
12:40 -1:25
Lunch & Enrichment Activities
Lunch & Enrichment Activities
1:25 - 2:15
Period 3 Lesson - Live
Period 6 Lesson - Live
2:20 - 3:10
Pd. 3 Lesson/Pd. 3 Small Group Lesson
Pd. 6 Lesson/Pd. 1 Small Group Lesson
3:15 - 3:50
Enrichment Activities
Enrichment Activities
Wednesday Online Schedule -2020-21- DRAFT

9:00 - 9:35
Check - in/ Community
Check - in/Community
9:40 - 10:10
Pd. 1 Small Group Lesson
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
10:15 - 10:45
Pd. 2 Small Group Lesson
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
10:50 - 11:20
Pd. 3 Small Group Lesson
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
11:20 - 12:05
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
12:05 - 12:35
Pd. 4 Small Group Lesson
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
12:40 - 1:10
Pd. 5 Small Group Lesson
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
1:15 - 1:45
Pd. 6 Small Group Lesson
Periods 1-6 Independent Work
1:45 - 2:35
Enrichment Activities - Staff
Enrichment Activities - Staff
Orange - group lesson with most students working asynchronously. Teachers pull out some students to work synchronously on Teams
Blue - students are completing assignments asynchronously
Purple - Enrichment Activities - Staff Planning/Parent Communications

Home Meal Delivery for Families 

United Way of King County, Food Lifeline, the City of Seattle, and Metro Access are now offering home delivery of emergency food boxes across Seattle, North King Country and East King Country during COVID-19. This resource is available to anyone who
  • Lives in Seattle, North King County, or East King County
  • Is unable to access their local food bank in person
  • Is unable to afford groceries
To order a food box, fill out this online form, or call toll-free at 833-540-0800, Mondays to Fridays from 11am-4pm. At this time, households can order up to three food boxes per delivery. More information is available Online.

Families are encouraged to visit their local food banks if they are able: in addition to on-site food distributions, many local food banks also operate home delivery programs, and may be able to provide a more customized food selection to clients. Families can find a nearby food bank at foodlifeline.org/need-food.

During these extraordinary times, SPS has stepped up to offer information and services for families who need assistance. All the services are listed on the COVID-19 Resource Page.

Meal Service
SPS is providing meal service for students via 26 school sites across the city. Student meal sites will operate from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Locations are listed on the Student Meals resource page.

Mental Health Services  
If you or your family needs emotional support during this time, the district has shared a list of agencies that provide crisis support. To view the complete list, please click here.