13 May 2020
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Farm Update
Heads up on Lettuce
** 5/16 Begins Ongoing Plant Sale **
Worm Tea
Field Notes
Farm Update

  • Plant Sales begin this weekend (details below)

  • In compliance with state regulations, The board of directors issues the following safety guidelines for our farm stand operations until further notice. Our operating practices will be as follows:

  • If you are showing symptoms or have been in contact with persons with COVID-19 please do not come to the farm stand or farm.
  • All customers and staff at farm stand and farm are obligated to wear a cloth face covering
  • Social distancing of 6 ft. in farm stand and at the farm.
  • Limit of three patrons within the farm stand at one time.
  • We encourage the use of the available disinfectant upon entering and leaving the farm stand.
  • Only handle items you will purchase avoiding unnecessary handling of products.
  • Utilize the cash box and Venmo for no-contact payment.
  • One handicap slot and three other slots have been designated. Please park according to these slots and avoid parking on an angle. Please wait in the vehicle (no idling) if the stand is busy. There is extra parking across the street on the grass.

  • Volunteer and educational opportunities for the summer will be ongoing on a limited basis. Please contact us for opportunities to learn to farm. Come farm with us!

  • We are in need of large cardboard boxes and clean one gallon milk jugs with the caps. Please drop off at the compost bins to the left of the farm stand.

  • Thank you to all our farm neighbors for your continued support of our food scrap collection and desire to create rich soil for our fields. Please use the first parking space for drop-off and utilize the disinfectant spray provided at the farm stand/toters to spray on handles and your garden gloves before and after opening/closing the toters.
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Heads-up on Lettuce
My girls and I planted 2 beds of lettuce, escarole, and bok choy on a beautiful sunny day at the farm last week. It took a bit of extra time as Vera, 8, decided she wanted to create a pattern out of the red and green lettuce heads and her sister Evelyn, 4, was the hander of the transplants.

These days, instead of rushing from one thing to the next, we find ourselves in search of activities to fill the days. This mom was more than happy to sit back and watch the planting of a bed of greens unfold.

Many thanks to all who have worked towards creating such a space where these memories can happen. We look forward to munching on crisp, crunchy, cool greens come late spring!

-- Aby Ollila, Farmer Volunteer

Aby is already proving to be a tremendous asset to our farming program. Since joining us a few short months ago, she has made herself right at home. She brings with her a wide range of farm experience and skills. Thanks for being with us, Aby :)!
Financial partners help us grow!
Our veggie plants go on sale this weekend, beginning Saturday at 10 a.m.. Plants will be priced between $1 and $3 depending on variety.

We will have 5 varieties of tomato plants: Big Beef, Cherry Bomb, Cherry Gold, Mountain, Celebrity. We will have Ace "Bell" Peppers and two varieties of Eggplant: Oriental (slender) and Nadia "Italian."

We will also have a limited variety of other plants for sale, based on what remains after transplanting in our fields.

After Saturday, remaining plants will be available for self-service pick up at the farm stand, using cash box or Venmo.

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Worm Tea

We may consider ourselves lovers of tea, but do we love tea as much as our plants love worm tea? Come by Saturday during our plant sale to find out about brewing worm tea and take home this wondrous brew for your beloved plants.
Field Notes

The cold and wind are stalling the growth of our young transplants, though we know they will only be all the stronger for it. While we continue to look for ways to keep the wind off the plants, we trudge forward with more transplanting and direct seeding.

In our planting zone, 6b, and without row covers and high tunnels, it is certainly risky to attempt transplanting tomatoes and other warm loving plants before Memorial Day weekend. This cold snap certainly is a reminder of that theory.

For now, the cool loving plants are enjoying the compost rich soils of our gardens, while the remaining transplants stay snuggled in the seed house until that perfect day to bring them outside.

We've added beets into the soil as well as more lettuce heads. Beans are germinating well and so are the next successions of lettuces, peas, and other delectable plants.
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Be Tick Free! As the tick season hits full swing be sure to take proper precautions when enjoying the great outdoors or visiting the farm!
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