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Do CUSOs Really Make a Difference?
CUSOs tend to help credit unions reduce costs and make revenue from other sources but are CUSOs really worth the effort? 

The data shows a strong correlation of extensive CUSO use with high credit union performance. Is the effort of forming and operating CUSOs worth it? You bet it is. If you had any doubt about using a CUSO, just do it.

We hope you use this excellent resource from Callahan & Associates and NACUSO to learn more about CUSOs and how they can help your credit union.

The CUSO Analyzer database, available only to NACUSO members, is a great way to find CUSOs in your search for service and investment opportunities. Discover the power of collaboration.

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Guy Messick, the CUSO Guru
Presents the Collaboration Series
Guy Messick, the CUSO Guru has created a six part series on collaboration. Last week Guy answered the question "Why Collaborate?" Part 2 focuses on the Opportunities Through Collaboration.

Guy Messick has also written a book on Collaboration that is available on
Gold Partner Alacriti Sponsors Another Great Webinar on Real Time Payments (RTP)
The world of digital payments rapidly evolved in 2020. The pandemic accelerated the need for faster payments, increasing both consumer demand for alternative payment options and the need for adoption by financial institutions. To illustrate, The Clearing House saw their RTP® network reach growth to over 57% of U.S. DDA account balances in December. The U.S. Faster Payments Council took large steps in addressing the problem of interoperability, which is a huge challenge for real-time payments in the U.S. to reach ubiquity. 
In this educational webinar presented by Alacriti on February 25, at 2:00 p.m. ET, Keith Gray, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for The Clearing House, Reed Luhtanen, Executive Director for U.S. Faster Payments Council, and Mark Ranta, CTP Payments Practice Lead for Alacriti will discuss:

  • Trends that will define payments in 2021
  • Why your institution should offer real-time payments and the top use cases consumer and business clients expect
  • Common misconceptions about faster payments and real-time payments
  • Where to start and next steps for your real-time payments strategy
  • Answers to commonly asked questions about the safety of faster payments
  • What to do if your existing system does not support faster payments and how to modernize quickly and cost-effectively
  • How to reduce payments friction
Gold Partner NYMBUS is Hosting a Fireside Chat Featuring Moneyball's Billy Beane
Billy Beane is one of the most influential figures in sports, widely known for using data-driven decision making to win games and transform baseball. During this VIP event, we will explore why credit unions need to adopt a data-driven approach to decision making with topics such as:

  • How data can help leaders build new business models, obtain growth and launch disruptive innovation.
  • What steps leaders should take when seeking to identify value-added opportunities.
  • Why keeping a culture of data at the core of every organization is key to thriving and competing in the next normal.

A recording of this event will be included with your sign-up in case you miss the scheduled event.
NACUSO is Accepting
Board of Director Candidate Applications through February 22, 2021
There are (4) seats that are up for election for NACUSO's Board. Each seat has a three (3) year term. All persons who are representatives of Primary Members in good standing as of the record date of February 15, 2021 are eligible to run for the Board. 

All persons interested in obtaining the nomination of the Nominating Committee should send their bio, a letter explaining their professional experience and personal attributes they possess to contribute as a director of NACUSO and their responses to the Board Nomination/Questionnaire Form by February 22.
FAST FIVE: Public Policy Insights and Developments - North America
A Weekly Publication from Mastercard

Over the past year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has become part of our new reality. Each day presents new challenges and new responses – from governments and organizations alike – that, in turn, presents new realities and challenges we are all feeling deeply.

Mastercard is closely monitoring these events to help ensure we are taking all necessary steps to protect our employees and maintain service to our members.

Thank you Mastercard, our valued Exclusive Premier Card Partner, for these insights. Click on the image to read the latest challenges and opportunities.