Montgomery County, Maryland
2020 Census Worship Weekend March 27-29
Dear Colleagues and Friends, 
We as faith leaders are being challenged to meet the physical health and spiritual wellbeing of ourselves, our families and our faith communities. Every day presents new realities and opportunities for connecting, learning from one another, identifying remarkable resources and caring in previously unimaginable ways. 

I thank everyone contributing to our website that is being updated frequently with the latest accurate information about COVID-19 and material for family life, spiritual practices, worship, volunteers, food and technological assistance. 
In addition, we are facing the 2020 Census Worship Weekend in which faith communities are being asked to feature the importance of the Census. COVID-19 is predictably being followed by an economic recession, and we need everyone to be counted because each one represents $18,250 in federal funding for Maryland for the next ten years. 

Fortunately, the  toolkit has been updated to account for canceling worship, educational programs and prayer services. Click here for additional worship resources including sacred scripture from six traditions.

For ‘A Pledge to be Counted’ click this link ; for an entertaining Sesame Street Elmo and Friends video for children of all ages,  v iew below ; for an enjoyable 2020 Census Challenge,  click here ; and for a more descriptive video guide with answers to most questions,  click here .
In appreciation for all you have done and in anticipation of assuring EveryOne Counts,

Rev. Mansfield "Kasey" Kaseman
Interfaith Community Liaison 
Office of Community Partnerships 
Here are sample social media post:
  • As a person of faith, I’m participating in the #2020Census out of love for my neighbors because my community deserves well-funded schools, hospitals, roads, and transportation. Join me at Together we can ensure a #FaithfulCensus, #EveryoneCountsMCMD

  • Responding to the #2020Census has never been easier-- online, by phone, or mail. It takes just 10 minutes and impacts the next 10 years of funding for our communities' healthcare, schools, access to public transportation, and more. This is our one shot! Respond and learn more at

  • This weekend, I’m committed to lifting up the #2020Census with my congregation because I believe every person is made in the image of God and deserves to be counted. Participating in the census helps determine how many books and computers our kids’ school can afford, whether our elders can afford heating in the winter, and if there’s bus routes where we need them. Responding to the census is an act of love of our neighbors. Join me in ensuring a #FaithfulCensus. Visit to respond and learn more. 

  • Did you know your information shared in the #2020Census is confidential by law and determines funding for your schools, hospitals, roads, and more for the next 10 years? It’s easy to respond online, by phone, or mail. Check out this one minute video to learn more:

  • When I respond to the #2020Census, I’m not just it for myself or my family but for my entire community. When we are all counted, we get the resources and representation we deserve to help our community thrive. I’m committed to a #FaithfulCensus. Learn more and join me at

  • The results of the #2020Census will be used to determine the number of seats in our children’s classrooms and beds in our hospitals for the next decade. That’s why we need to be sure to count every person living in our households on April 1 (even your babies!) so, we have a #FaithfulCensus. #EveryoneCountsMCMD. 
Important updates from the U.S. Census Bureau:
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