June 24, 2020
2020 Air Force Marathon
Haven't registered for the 2020 Air Force Marathon yet? Don't worry, there's still time! There are spots available in all seven virtual events:

- Marathon
- Half Marathon
- 10K
- 5K
- Tailwind Trot 1K Kids' Race
- Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series (5K - 10K - 13.1)
- Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series (5K - 10K - 26.2)

Already registered? Each virtual participant will receive a race bib and commemorative patch along with an official race shirt and finisher's medal. Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series participants will also receive a fourth finisher's medal (with two spinning rotors!) and an official race quarter zip.
How Do I Transfer to a Different Race Distance?

Are you registered for a 2020 virtual Air Force Marathon race and now want to transfer to a different virtual race distance? Follow the instructions below to transfer into your new distance.

1. Visit your participant dashboard and sign in to your Race Roster account using the same email you registered with.
2. Select "Transfer" and then select "Transfer to new subevent".
3. Choose the new event you would like to transfer to in the dropdown and click "Start transfer".
4. Continue to move through the registration questions.
5. If you purchased additional products during your original registration, be sure to select them again when filling out your new registration. Your original payment will carry over.
6. Finish the registration process and you will then receive a confirmation email confirming your transfer.

The cost for all race transfers is currently $1.95*, plus any difference between the price you originally paid and the current price of the distance you're transferring into. If you're transferring into a distance that costs less than what you already paid, you will only be charged the $1.95 transfer fee* (no refunds for the price difference).

*Please note the temporary $1.95 transfer fee will be expiring at midnight on Sunday, June 28 and the fee to transfer will be reverting back to $10 beginning Monday, June 29.
Watch this video to hear Air Force Marathon Director, Brandon Hough, discuss the drivers behind the Air Force's decision to cancel the 2020 Air Force Marathon in-person events and move to a virtual event.
What is a Virtual Race?

The Air Force Marathon virtual events are open to everyone and include all race distances; marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, Tailwind Trot 1K Kids' Race, and both Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series. You may complete your virtual Air Force Marathon race any day between September 1st-30th, 2020. You may run, walk, or run/walk your full distance wherever you want – around your neighborhood, at a local park, or on a treadmill. If possible, be sure to track your race with runcoach, Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, or another GPS-tracking app that will confirm your mileage and time. After your race, we encourage you to submit your finish time to the results page but this will not be required.

All participants who register for a virtual event will receive a race bib, an official race shirt, commemorative patch (pictured here), and finisher’s medal. Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge participants will also receive a fourth finisher’s medal and official race quarter zip. We will attempt to have an in-person pickup for local participants and for non-local participants and those unable to pick up in person, we will mail your race amenities to the address you provided at registration in early October.

**As a reminder, if you had registered for an Air Force Marathon race prior to June 9, 2020 you must log into your participant dashboard and select your option before the Sunday, June 28, 2020 deadline. If you do not make a selection by this date you will automatically be entered into the 2020 virtual race. If you have already selected an option but want to switch to a different option you may do so as many times as you'd like before the deadline. Please note the temporary transfer fee of $1.95 will expire on Sunday, June 28 and will revert back to the original $10 fee. **

If you have any questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us via email or phone and we'd be happy to help you!
 Air Force Marathon | 1(800) 467-1823 | (937) 257-4350 | usaf.marathon@us.af.mil | usafmarathon.com