Where do clergy and S/PPRC chairs find the assessments?
Who must complete an assessment?
All appointed clergy and Deacons in an Appointment Beyond the Local Church.

What about Clergy in their First Year of an Appointment? 
If the clergy is new in the appointment, he/she should complete questions 4 & 5 of the self-assessment. S/PPRCs and Senior Pastors should complete questions 3, 4, & 5. In the discussion, you are encouraged to focus goal-setting and achievement, both for the clergy and the church. 

How are the forms completed?
They are fillable pdfs. Clergy and S/PPRC chairs can download the appropriate assessments to their computer. Save them. Open them back up and fill them in. Save them again. Or, they can print them out, complete them by hand as long as they are legible and then scan them in as a pdf or 2 pdfs. 

Where do I send the forms?
The clergy should upload them through their Clergy Dashboard.

Should each member of the S/PPRC complete a form?
The chair may want to distribute blank copies of the assessment to members of the S/PPRC so that they will be prepared for the discussion, but one S/PPRC assessment should be completed to share with the clergy - not one from each individual S/PPRC member. We are encouraging the S/PPRC to work collectively as a team.

What about multi-point charges?
Because each local church has different needs, it’s important to talk about church and clergy goals specific to each congregation. Thus, while the clergy only needs to complete one self-assessment, separate PPRC assessments should be completed with each church if at all possible. At the very least, please have a discussion with the PPRC members of each local congregation in order to discuss ways that the clergy can most effectively serve that particular church.

What about Deacons serving in an Appointment Beyond the Local Church?
We are aware that Deacons who are in Appointments Beyond the Local Church will complete an evaluation or assessment at their primary appointment. However, due to the unique role of a deacon with a secondary appointment, we want there to be conversation between the deacon and the senior pastor to review how the deacon is connected to the congregation. There is just one form to be completed in a discussion between the Deacon and the Senior Pastor.

Should Lay Pastors complete the Assessment?
Yes. We believe that Lay Pastors need feedback from the S/PPRC in order to be the best that they can be.