Partnering for Success:
Running a Surface Finishing Operation is Anything But Simple. Especially Now.

At Columbia Chemical, we understand this fact and we work from this point of understanding every single day. 

We get it. Nothing is normal right now and you need ways to save money, save time and meet unusual demands. We are here to help you rise to that challenge. Here are a few ways we are helping our customers adapt, adjust and excel.
It's All About the Savings
We are a 100% employee owned business so we understand more than anyone how important it is to evaluate your expenses right now and identify where you can save money in these upcoming months. Fortunately, we have helped many plating shops do just that by adjusting their current chemistry mix, finding operational efficiencies or implementing products to save them money.
  • A new customer discovered that our COLFIN Lube Aid 100 met their specification need for a medium grade torque tension modifier and did so at less than half the cost of a popular competitor's brand.
  • A team member shared the success story of a shop who previously implemented our DuraLife passivate technologies by using COLDIP TRI-V 121 DL and SpectraMATE 25 DL passivates to combat iron buildup and cut waste treatment costs. The results were significant - the shop saved almost $1700 every six weeks in disposal and set up costs.
  • Columbia's comprehensive audit process saved a customer 25% through operational recommendations that reduced excessive product usage. Additionally, it was discovered the customer's cleaner line was purchased through a company that outsources their blending, making costs higher. Thanks to Columbia Chemical's extensive in-house production capabilities, a switch to our cleaners saved the customer even more money.
We pride ourselves on providing the technical support and expertise to solve your plating challenges, enhance your plant efficiency and control your costs. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our customers to make their job easier.

Virtual Visits
A few of our customers who have shut down to outside visitors are taking advantage of this time to do their line conversions and install our chemistry. We are helping them accomplish this by virtual conferences to review line layouts, timely product shipping, video conferencing as needed and after-hours tech support.
Seeing is Believing
We are in various stages of working with OEMs, Tier suppliers and other potential customers and many have identified this as the right time to put our chemistry to the test. Our service lab has been working on plating several sample parts sent in by potential customers so they can view our chemistry on their actual parts and run further analysis to take these projects to the next level.
Timeout for Training Sessions
We have customers who are interested in dedicating this time to educate their teams so we are rolling out some virtual training sessions with a format that includes a general overview, meeting OEM specs, common troubleshooting issues and a Q&A session. Top three topics so far are: Overview of our Industry Leading Trivalent Passivates, Expertise in Decorative Trivalent Chrome Plating and The Increasing Use and Benefits of Zinc Nickel. We are scheduling these with customers who have reached out with a specific interest so if you would like to assemble your team and reserve a training session on these or other topics, please contact your Columbia rep. 
We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a plating chemistry supplier. We appreciate our customer's belief in our core purpose of Simplifying Surface Finishing™  and we value the opportunity to serve your high-quality electroplating chemistry needs.
To make your job easier and learn more about how our products deliver on our core purpose of Simplifying Surface Finishing™, please contact us.

TECH FEATURE: Q&A Expert Clinic
Summary Report on USCAR Field Test for Trivalent Chromium

      Executive Vice President Mark Schario explains USCAR's multiyear project to determine how various trivalent chromium systems would perform in the real world  and how accelerated corrosion testing correlates with real-world results. 
      With the goal of identifying whether chloride or sulfate-based trivalent chrome processes perform better in the areas of general and high-chloride corrosion and overall color stability, the two-phase study revealed sulfate-based systems suffered greater chrome loss in the Russian Mud corrosion performance tests. In the appearance performance tests, the study revealed the initial color advantage of the sulfate systems diminished significantly with field exposure as compared to the chloride systems.
        Coming out of the study, it was reported that all three OEMs [FCA US, Ford and General Motors] recognize the advantages of chloride-based bright trivalent chromium chemistries over sulfate. Read the full article here. 
If you are interested in preparing for what lies ahead and want to explore the advantages of a chloride-based trivalent system such as TriCOL Decorplease contact us. 
Industry Veteran Joins Global Business Team

        Columbia Chemical recently hired  Graham Torr as  Managing Director, Global Business to Support Global & Domestic Business .  Torr will have direct responsibility over key territories in Columbia's global business portfolio including Europe, Mexico, South Africa, South America as well as overseeing and assisting in the Asian market. He will also focus on supporting domestic business development in the Midwest and Southeast portions of the United States that are rapidly expanding territories for Columbia. Torr is a veteran sales and technical service professional with expertise spanning 25 years in surface finishing chemistry, general manufacturing, technical management and plant operations.
        In addition to attaining the level of CEF III through A.E.S.F/NASF, Torr also obtained many specialized certifications in areas ranging from decorative plating to wastewater treatment to accelerated corrosion testing. An active member of NASF, he also spent time as Director of the Southwest Michigan NASF branch.
        Columbia Chemical President Brett Larick commented: "Graham has deep roots in the surface finishing industry and is well-known and well respected. His expertise in delivering the right solution to meet customer needs is exactly what we were looking for in this key role. We are excited he has joined the team to help support our growth and expansion, both domestic and global."
Operating as an Essential Business to Support You 
        Many have asked about the impact of COVID-19 on our supply chain as it relates to product availability. Fortunately, our extensive internal production capabilities afford us additional controls other chemistry suppliers may not have. We work hard to diversify our supply chain to ensure both cost stability and raw material availability. In 2018 when the Trade Wars began, we proactively identified alternative domestic sources for any potential impacted raw materials and switched suppliers at that time. Because of this, our purchasing team reports at this time we do not currently anticipate interruption in our supply chain as a result of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.  
        In addition to our technical expertise and dedication to service, our production capabilities make a significant difference in the competitive landscape.  Unrivaled in the industry, our  extensive  in-house production capabilities allow manufacturing of product from raw material all the way to completed chemistry. This capability is what allows us to be able to sell and ship products all over the world and still maintain a lower cost threshold and deliver superior quality - a direct benefit for our partners and their customers.
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