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Columbia Chemical is excited to partner with Products Finishing to offer you our next free webinar: Comparing Operational and Performance Characteristics of Chloride and Sulfate-Based Decorative Trivalent Plating. As the automotive industry sharpens its focus and enhances testing on the performance of trivalent chromium plating, applicators are becoming aware of the color stability and corrosion performance differences between chloride and sulfate-based systems. This webinar will report on the extensive field studies outlining performance, color stability and corrosion results of the two systems. Operational factors such as plating speed and anode cost/efficiency will be reviewed. OEMs and Tier Suppliers, engineers, quality control, and plating managers will benefit from this presentation. Will conclude with an expert Q&A session.
Product Showcase: COL-COPPER ND 300
A high-performance system for bright acid copper plating, COL-COPPER ND 300 offers unparalleled leveling, yet deposits are ductile, low stressed, and readily accept subsequent coatings. The process exhibits excellent brightness and leveling across all normal current density ranges, giving consistently high-quality plating on normally difficult to plate geometric forms. It is mainly used for rack plating applications to obtain mirror bright and highly leveled copper deposits within a short plating time. The process is fully consumed by electrolysis (which provides consistent results) and is free of tricyclic derivatives or dyes. It is also less sensitive to higher temperatures, which minimizes the need for frequent carbon purifications. This new COL-COPPER ND 300 allows Columbia Chemical to offer the benefit of full line responsibility for electrolytic decorative nickel. Contact us for more information.
The Proof is in the Nickel Leveling Measurement
Columbia's groundbreaking nickel leveling test continues to provide just the proof needed to new and existing customers who are having leveling issues with their nickel. This article features an in-depth look at the use of precision-scratched Hull cell panels and a hand-held profilometer that allow reliable measurement of the leveling performance of semi-bright and bright nickel solutions. This breakthrough test method quantifies the leveling characteristics of the bath performance and quickly identifies if there is a plating problem or a substrate problem. Customers appreciate immediately seeing the measurements and the leveling difference. Interested in having the leveling of your nickel bath measured? See below.
COLDIP NI-Z CLEAR 250 Passivate Field Testing
Due to the accelerated growth of zinc-nickel in both the automotive and industrial markets, demand has been high for a colorless zinc-nickel passivate that delivers strong salt spray results. With a focus on meeting the needs of customers, COLDIP NI-Z CLEAR 250 passivate was developed to address these specific demands.

After thorough internal testing and analysis in both the R&D and service labs, the passivate went through test simulations on a pilot line and then into the first round of field testing. After an additional R&D phase to optimize the formulation based on the field data, the passivate is now in its second and final stage of field production testing in a number of plating shops.

  • COLDIP NI-Z CLEAR 250 is a clear trivalent passivate for zinc-nickel plating. The passivate operates under mild conditions which allows minimal alloy loss during passivation and helps maintain nickel in the deposit.
  • The easy-to-control single component system also offers stability to the bath life, another end-user benefit reported by Columbia’s technical field team.
  • COLDIP NI-Z CLEAR 250 produces 250 hours of neutral salt spray to white corrosion without a sealer, exceeds 500 hours when top-coated and exceeds 1000 hours to first red rust.
  • This unique, clear trivalent coating offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to high corrosion finishes.

We are currently qualifying two remaining trial locations to round out testing in our final phase.
If you currently do zinc-nickel work and would like to see if you can qualify as a trial location for this clear passivate, please click the button below and email your contact info and line details to
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