School Based Health Center Conference May 8, 2020
Healing From The Inside Out

Do you have an interesting program or project to share at a workshop at the 2020 annual conference?  The Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers wants to hear from you!  This is a great opportunity to showcase your school-based health center, a community initiative, or a program from sponsoring health care agencies.  Workshops are 75 minutes, maximum of two speakers, and each workshop will be attended by 40 -- 70 registrants.  To meet the objectives of the conference, please limit abstracts to topics that affect the health of children and adolescents. To submit an abstract, complete and sign the abstract submission form.   Submit abstract by email to Melanie Wilde by December 7th, 2019

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Abstracts are due by December 7, 2019
Questions? Call 203-230-9976 or email
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