Date: March 20, 2020 
To: All Fusion and Tonka Fusion Elite Families, Coaches & Staff 
Subject: 2020 Coronavirus Information and Updates 
Dear Families, Coaches & Staff, 
The health and safety of our players and families is our primary concern. In carefully considering the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and steps being taken by communities, governmental agencies and sports teams at all levels, Fusion & Tonka Fusion Elite want to update you on the impact of the Coronavirus on our soccer programming as well as important health and safety protocols you should be doing.  
We would also like to remind families of the CDC guidelines of gatherings that are currently in place. We as a club support these guidelines as best practices for the safety and well-being of our players, families and staff.  We have heard of some instances of players gathering and want to remind families of the CDC and State guidelines that are currently in place as well as a reminder that ALL of our fields and facilities are closed. Please remind your players to honor the social distancing guidelines and not gather together to play or socialize 
The CDC as of March 16th put into place guidelines that ALL events of 10+ people should be cancelled or held virtually.  While we understand the impact of school closures and working from home, please keep these guidelines in mind when considering group activities. Please refer to the CDC fact sheet  for additional tips.
There are a number of things we are working on to help players develop both physically and emotionally. We have implemented in home training plans for players to use during this time off to work on individual skills at home. Earlier this week all coaches were provided with plans for technical, strength and fitness training as well as a weekly schedule to share with their teams. Coaches should now be communicating these plans to their teams. Coaches with teams in the U10-U14 age groups all have access to the Techne App, a great resource for our players to develop individual skills. We’ve also asked coaches in all age groups to let us know if their team would utilize Techne, if so, we will add them at no additional cost. Please stay tuned for more communications on these topics from us and your coach. 
As always, we appreciate your patience with this situation.  Our decisions and directives have been made in accordance with the guidance of public health and medical professionals as well as the on-going acceleration of the coronavirus. As the number of state emergencies increase, we have decided to exercise caution in the interest of our soccer family. The safety and security of our soccer community is, and always will be, our highest priority! 
Thank you for your attentiveness in this matter and we will communicate future updates via email, our website and social media. 
From all of our Fusion staff please stay safe, stay healthy and let us know how we can help. 
Leigh Larson, Executive Director,
Lawrence Tsoi, Technical Director,
Behrang Khavanin, Boys DOCPD,
Chad Morse, Girls DOCPD,
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