2020 Council Elections
Dear ACLS member,

We received the ACLS Nominating Committee’s report including the list of candidates for the various positions to be filled on Council in accordance with section 6.1 (2) of the General Bylaws.

The official list is as follows:

For Presidency:
Jim Christie , BCLS, CLS, Vancouver, British Columbia

For Vice-Presidency:
Philippe J. Breau , NBLS, ALS, CLS, Neguac, New Brunswick

For first year Councilor:
David Rochette , QLS, CLS, Iqaluit, Nunavut
Abéné Rissikatou , QLS, CLS, Ottawa, Ontario

Section 6.2 (1) of the General Bylaws states that the Registrar will accept other nominations for the various offices by any member eligible for election, if received at least 35 days before the Annual General Meeting. The nomination must be signed by six voting members and accompanied by a written consent signed by the candidate. The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday May 22nd, 2020 , so according to the Bylaws, the Registrar must receive the nominations no later than April 17th, 2020 . Please visit the ACLS Web sit e for the General Bylaws sections on the election process.  

Marie C. Robidoux, CLS.