Meeting Follow Up:
Election 2020 ACTION ITEMS!
We KNOW Tustin Democrats will be supporting Joe Biden and Katie Porter in November - we need to make sure that voters know they need to support these wonderful progressive candidates for local Tustin offices.

We are going to be hitting the ground running in August to with Phone Bank and "Tustin Dems Endorsed!" Postcard Campaigns - reaching out to Tustin Democrats to remind them that BLUE is a great color for local government as well!
Since we can't canvass in the midst of an international health crisis, we have to do the next best thing, which is phone banking. It's easy, we have a script and you'll be talking to Democrats!


This is the type of personal connection we are looking to make this election year. A handwritten note tells a voter - this is important - this matters. They hold onto it - maybe put it up on their fridge. And they remember it when they cast their ballot.

We will supply the postcards, names and addresses and suggested scripts. You write the cards and supply the postage if you can (and support the post office at the same time!)

Until we can meet again in person, we will have packets of 25 cards and materials available for pick up beginning in mid August . We will also be doing bi-weekly postcard parties on Zoom, so you can connect with other amazing volunteers and get them done together!

The Tustin Democratic Club is going to pay for the postcard printing and the address information. We need your help to defray the cost of postage .

You can help in 2 ways:
  • Provide your own postage ($.35 per card)
  • Donate money to purchase postage

A roll of $.35 stamps costs $35 but ANYTHING you can donate will help reach Democratic voters in Tustin! Click the link below to donate through ACT BLUE:
Join or Renew for 2020
$20 Individual
$30 Family