Dear NCCU Alumni, 
 We're living in unprecedented times of change and uncertainty in this country, but with exciting glimmers of hope - we have our first Black, female, VP nominee--an HBCU grad! As we live our current reality, we are learning some great new lessons and re-learning many old ones.  

Election Results
Leadership means facing challenges head-on. To me, that means being transparent when trust is in question. Many of you are aware of issues surrounding the election. Last night, the Alumni Council* met virtually to discuss the concerns raised by alumni. After discussing and hearing recommendations from the parliamentarian, the Alumni Council approved the Nominations' Committee Report and the results of the first election were upheld. Click: Read Full Report.

I am excited to serve as the President of the NCCU Alumni Association for the next two years. I stand on the shoulders of a line of very dedicated alumni presidents that live the Eagle Promise. I'm excited to work beside Vice President Kian Brown (pictured below), Treasurer Chevella Thomas (pictured below), Secretary Leslie Pittman-Thomas (pictured below), the four Regional Vice Presidents, and all the Chapter Leaders. Each of whom brings distinct gifts to our organization. Together, we can create more opportunities to engage with and support NCCU and local communities throughout the country.

We (the Association) have learned that the failures identified during the election, speak to concerns not addressed in our procedures and Constitution and Bylaws. The Bylaws Committee must review and update the documents that govern our organization. This Committee will be responsible for focusing on making updates to the Constitution and Bylaws and creating processes that address the current needs of the Association. 

Let's Get to Work
As graduates of North Carolina Central University, you are our honored and best ambassadors. You are Eagle Excellence in action, our pride, and our strength. With more than 30,000 Soaring Eagles from our undergraduate and graduate programs, we have lots of talented individuals that have the knowledge and skills to move our Association forward to ‘Rebuild our Nest’. I intend to tap into our resources and match the needs of the Association with the abilities that exist.  
During my term, we will communicate better, support the University, and build
a more influential alumni network - it's needed now, more than ever. Thank you for placing your trust in me--I'm very grateful. Your voice will be heard, concerns contemplated, and professional accomplishments honored.
What's Next
Now, let's work together to not just talk about problems and issues; but diligently work to discover practical solutions. Be on the lookout for an email in the next few days asking you to join a committee and to join the Alumni Association. We need you! 
In Truth and Service, 
Tomeika A. Bowden’00 
NCCU Alumni Association, Inc.  
C: 202-577-6158
*The Alumni Council includes: four elected officers (National Officers); four regional vice presidents; one representative (or the president) of each active local chapter; at-large members); and any former national alumni president.