Deadline: February 7, 2020
NY Alliance,

We are pleased to announce the call for nominations for New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation (NY Alliance) Excellence Awards. Each award celebrates the unique and extraordinary contributions made by Leaders, Policy and Change Agents in the field, Public Officials, Self-Advocates and Advocates in the community.

Take a moment to tell us about someone you know who has made a profound and lasting impact and nominate them for an Excellence Award. Award winners will be recognized at the New York Alliance's Awards Banquet on Wednesday, April 1st during the 2020 Annual Conference where family, friends, colleagues and previous award recipients will share in this occasion.
The Leadership Award recognizes individuals who lead with integrity, effectiveness, deliberate focus and collaboration, making valuable contributions within the disability and human service field.

Award Criteria:
1. Distinguished in the field of disability and human services affiliated with a NY Alliance member agency or a closely aligned organization,
2. Demonstrating a tenure of at least 20 years in the field of disability and human services, and
3. A Professional record which emulates extraordinary contributions to the field.
The Public Policy and Social Justice Advocacy Award honors leaders in the disability and human service fields who have made exceptional contributions to the betterment of society through the advancement of policy and life enrichment opportunities for all individuals.

Award Criteria:
1. Efforts/accomplishments in advocacy that support and provide opportunities for advancement to individuals with disabilities,
2. Exemplary grassroots advocacy skills, keen communication abilities, and ability to build strong alliances, and
3. Demonstrated leadership in targeted and systemwide policy venues, garnering consensus and collaboration among stakeholders.
The Distinguished Public Service Award recognizes the achievements of individuals in government service who have served as a change agent and made a tangible impact to the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Award Criteria:
1. Has held or currently holds a government position,
2. Demonstrates an ability to implement public policy that benefits people with disabilities, and
3. Demonstrates leadership role in working with other public officials in implementing public policy affecting services for and/or the lives of people with disabilities.
The Community Advocacy Award is presented to individuals who are making incredible contributions in the disability and human service community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. It honors all Advocates – Individuals, Parents, Siblings, Self-Advocates and Peers who relentlessly ensure that the voices of those receiving services are heard and recognized as key components.

Award Criteria:
1. Demonstrates advocacy work that empowers, encourages, and embraces the voices of individuals with disabilities,
2. Contributes to success in advocacy and gathered support for resources, programs and services, and
3. Individuals who have made remarkable contributions in the field by Advocates – Individuals, Parents, Siblings, Self-Advocates and Peers. Professional lobbyists or employees representing an advocacy organization are ineligible.
Deadline: February 7, 2020
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