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July 2021    Volume XVI, Issue 7
Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the newest manufacturer member to our organization.

DMF brings a creative approach to lighting and offers industry-leading technology that sets the bar for performance, quality, and flexibility. Our in-house Research and Development team designs products that provide exceptional aesthetics and are modular, which allows our lights to adapt easily to a future room redesign.

Today’s home builders coordinate numerous elements—location, product, pricing, personnel, documents, schedules, service, trades, and suppliers, among others—to run their business. At the same time, home buyer satisfaction is an essential component of success and receives constant attention from wise companies with a goal of achieving customer loyalty and the repeat or referral sales that can generate.

In recognition of this significant effort, the Builder Partnerships’ Customer Satisfaction Award program reviews company performance with customers in key areas such as expectation alignment, process management, home delivery, warranty service, overall communication, and feedback. Each applicant is compared to independent and proven criteria, not to other builders. There are no rankings or comparisons among other builders; each applicant either meet the criteria or they don't. All builders, regardless of size or location, are eligible for this program and invited to participate.

Scheduling is the backbone of a home builder’s entire organization. The construction schedule impacts the builder’s production capacity, profitability and cash flow. Improving the reliability of the construction schedule is one of the most effective strategies for improving company performance.

There’s a snowball effect inherent in unreliable construction schedules. The impact on trade contractors alone is enough to disrupt the flow. When trades don’t trust the schedule, they can’t use it to plan their resources, they become reactionary, they don’t show up on schedule, and dry runs are excessive. Unreliable construction schedules increase cycle time and reduce profits.

September 9-11, 2021

September 13-15, 2021
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Year after year, our builder members earn recognition among the nations top home builders. Over half of the companies on Builder's Builder 100 / Next 100 lists are members of Builder Partnerships.

The high rankings of our builder members is a testament to their ability to adapt and innovate and overcome the unprecedented challenges of the past year.
The team at Builder Partnerships celebrates the success of our builder members and this well-deserved recognition. Congratulations!

What do Shinn Consulting builder groups and a race car driving school have in common? They both challenge participants to learn and grow with their peers in a fun and supportive environment.

At our builder group meeting last month in Birmingham, several members were able to mark an item off their bucket list and test out their driving skills at the official US driving school of Porsche on the track at Barber Motorsports Park. The Porsche Track Experience gives student drivers the opportunity to drive on a track that is one of the world class premier racing circuits. The race track is 2.38 mile long with 16 challenging turns and an 80' of elevation change throughout. The course is very intensive and full of elevation changes for a very exciting roller coaster ride to keep drivers focused.

Meet Our Newest Manufacturer Members Offering Valuable Rebates to Our Builder Members

Contact us at or 303-972-7666 for more information.
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