New Software Release Features Ageing Simulation for Elastomers
The October 2020 release of Endurica’s durability simulation software features a new capability to define ageing behavior for a material, and to calculate the effects of heat exposure history on part durability. According to company founder and president Dr. Will Mars, “this is a feature that was developed and validated over the last few years in partnership one of our Tier 1 automotive OEM users for an application where long-term exposure to high temperatures was READ MORE
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Coesfeld Tear and Fatigue Analyser for Tire Applications
The Coesfeld Tear and Fatigue Analyser measures a tire compound's fatigue crack growth rate curve. The highly automated testing instrument reliably produces datasets with significantly less scatter than prior art methods, and is completely automated. The measurements are useful in materials development, and in durability simulation from finite element analysis results. Watch the Video (0:48)
Measuring a Tire Compound's Strain Crystallization Effects on Durability
The Nonrelaxing Module of Endurica's Fatigue Property Mapping testing service gives you information about the effect of R ratio (ie R=Tmin/Tmax) on the fatigue crack growth rate curve. Its a huge effect that must be taken into account in order to make accurate life predictions for tires.
Coesfeld Intrinsic Strength Analyser Measures Rubber Fatigue Threshold
The Coesfeld Intrinsic Strength Analyser (ISA) is a testing instrument that applies the Lake and Yeoh cutting method to estimate the fatigue threshold of tire compounds. The testing procedure is very efficient, producing information in hours that otherwise would require months.

Cracks operating below the fatigue threshold exhibit no fatigue crack growth. Watch the Video (0:48)
Endurica DT Incremental Solver for Analysis of Multi-Step Tire Durability Protocols
Endurica DT's incremental workflow allows damage from a series of different load cases to be accrued. Use it to study durability and highspeed tests involving progressively increasing load and speed (FMVSS and ECE tire testing standards), as well as tire abuse cases or impacts.

The Endurica DT solver works with the Abaqus, Ansys and MSC/Marc Finite Element Solvers (FEA). Watch the Video (0:44)
Critical Plane Analysis for Analysis of Tire Durability
Use Endurica CL's critical plane analysis to thoroughly analyze every point and every possible orientation in a tire. Critical plane analysis is the most accurate method for understanding damaging effects of multiaxial load histories.

The Endurica CL solver works with the Abaqus, Ansys and MSC/Marc Finite Element Solvers (FEA). Watch the Video (0:41)
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ALL of our master courses will be presented this fall as LIVE ONLINE workshop training events. The workshops will meet from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon) EST and a link to the presentation of each class will be made available to registrants for their reference/review. These links will be active for seven days after the class date so attendees will have time to make up classes they may not be able to attend live. The workshops will NOT be distributed or broadcast beyond this time period. 

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