2020 HPP Provincial Team & Junior Development Team 
Ontario Snowboard is pleased to announce the athletes selected to represent Ontario as part of our  2020 Ontario Provincial Team &  2020 Ontario Junior Development Team. 

2020 Ontario Provincial Team
This list represents the selected athletes that have confirmed their position on the 
2020 Provincial Team 

Alpine A-Team
Chloe Olive
Katie Lindsey
Hilary Tanner
Lauren Henderson

Magnus Hambleton
Ben Heldman
Jacob Farber
Alpine B-Team
Adam Farber
Corey Farber
Richard Moss

Freestyle A-Team 
Jackie Carlson
Liam Brearley
Madison Gale
Cam Spalding
Avery Spalding
Will Izzard
Freestyle B-Team
Emily Wright
Sam Koven
Emma Brearley
Patrice Poulin
Laura Marzinotto 
Carter Wega

Snowboardcross A-Team
Kerri Lynch
Riley Howell
Emma Pellegrini
Eric Frost
Chloe Kim
Liam Dobson
Snowboardcross B-Team
Alexandre Cadieux
Jonah Robb

2020 Ontario Junior Development Team 
Please note that JR Dev athletes will be contacted directly soon

Chloe Christmann
Michael Gyles
Abby Usprech
Luis Freeman
Maya Altshuller
Gabriel Wood

Will Howden

Althea Chen
Kobe Cantelon
Ayden Swan
Andrew Laurin
Rachel Secord 
Wyatt Spalding

Brenna O'Brien
Shaun Rovina
Alexis Jones
Rafael More-Kushner
Olivia Meldrum 
Charlie Montabello-Graff

Provincial Team Selection Criteria

Junior Development Team Selection Criteria

Questions- please email HPP Manager Mike Towers

Thank you to the Government of Ontario for their Support