Safe Halloween trio
Halloween 2020 will definitely require some thinking outside of the box.  Depending on if you are searching for a way to safely provide goodies for the kids or setting up a virtual party, below are a few ideas to celebrate this Saturday/Full Moon Halloween!

Candy Graveyard: Create it by using our bag of bones to lay out a path. Next, add creepy characters and tombstone cutouts along the sides. Finally, place piles of wrapped candy and handouts around the path so children can grab a treat as they run through.

Spooky Driveway Table: Decorate a table with any black material and spooky lighting.  Set up candy so that the kids can experience the excitement of Halloween while still being able to social distance.  If you have a portable open tent, it will protect the goodies in case of rain!

Wear Creepy Gloves & a Halloween Themed Mask:  No matter if the kiddos are coming to your door or stopping by the yard, show them how to have fun and be safe with creative masks & gloves.
Perfect for Costume, Brew and Virtual Halloween Party Awards
Have a "create a brew" challenge for your home party!
Use of of our CAULDRONS to recognize the brew mixer extraordinaire in your group!  Available in 2 sizes that can be personalized for the winner!

Chili Pot Trophy / Black Cauldron Award
Witches Brew (Adult Beverage)
6 oz lime jello
1 1/2 cup pineapple juice chilled
1 cup vodka chilled
16 oz lemon-lime soda chilled
Fully prepare lime jello per package instructions. Use a fork to break jello apart into small pieces (small enough to fit through a straw) then add crushed jello to a large pitcher of your choice (should be at least 1 liter or larger).
Add pineapple juice and vodka to pitcher, then stir.
When ready to serve, add Sprite until the pitcher is full. For best results, pour lemon-lime soda from a higher distance than you normally would so that there's extra fizz on top of the drink. Serve immediately.

**Courtesy of Homemade Hooplah**

Quick and Easy Mini Warlocks Brew -
For the Kiddos

1 Qt Lime Sherbert
1 (2 Litre) lemon-lime carbonated drink of your choice

Place sherbet in a microwave-safe bowl; heat in microwave until slightly melted, about 10 seconds.
Stir lemon-lime beverage, about 1/2 cup at a time, into sherbet until punch is the texture of a milkshake. Pour punch into a large punch bowl. 

Slowly stir the remaining lemon-lime beverage into a punch bowl....or a WITCHES CAULDRON!!!!

**Courtesy of Allrecipes**
$21.95 - $42.95

Frames are available in vertical or horizontal styles for the following picture sizes:

4" x 6", 5" x 7" and 8" x 10"
Halloween 2020

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