March 2020

Hope Harbor
January- March 2020

It's been a busy start of year 2020!
Here's whats been happening!

We are grateful for each of you as we continue to prepare to open in the next few months. God knows when and who He will bring to live here. In these days of uncertainty we know God is in control and we trust Him.
Please continue to pray for Hope Harbor's leaders, for God to bring the resources to complete the building, and for the families that will live here.
AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Water 4 came to help us!!!
Water 4 team AmeriCorp NCCC spent six weeks January 11 to February 22 at Hope Harbor building the fence, working on storage, and working on the building. We had many snow days and work in very cold weather but we had a great time together. They made a huge difference and moved us closer to being able to house families escaping abuse. #AmeriCorpNCCC

Each week on Friday we had a special speaker and the first week was District Attorney John Sugg! He gave a educational and fascinating talk about the law and we all learned so much! Thank you DA Sugg! Americorp Water 4 Team: Lexy Foor, Team Lead, Tara, Vincent, Jonah, Kierra, Josh, George, Carly, Khyana, and Shy.
Thank you Dr. Jim Miller for teaching the AmeriCorp team about Wind Farm opportunities at a Friday lunch. This was a fascinating presentation and we learned about new careers and new technology.
The AmeriCorp team often talked about how these lunch talks added value to their experience in Lincoln County. Thank you to all the lunch speakers: DA John Sugg, Dr. Jim Miller, Shippen and Rifle Salas, Andrea Fernandez, and Knutt Peterson.
The AmerCorp team partnered with other area non profits during bad weather days. They spent a day working at the NEST thrift shop Sweet Charity, they worked several days at Bonita Park Nazarene Camp and they worked at the Humane Society of Lincoln County. Experiencing area non-profits and visiting local attractions were a benefit of this area.
The AmeriCorp NCCC team removed the old fencing and started the new privacy fence. It was a huge task and they learned skills and completed a great deal of fence in the cold winter of January and February. This team became part of our family at Hope Harbor and we will are so proud of each of them. They worked hard and long and always had a great spirit of service. Thank you Water 4 team AmeriCorp NCCC!!!
StoneWater Church in Granbury volunteered during spring break and completed the back fence that AmeriCorp had begun. It is so beautiful and will provide shelter, safety and protection for families. Thank you James Markum and crew below and Jim Cunningham (not pictured) for leading this group.
A group of students from Tarleton University, Stephenville Texas, Church of Christ Student Union came to volunteer at Hope Harbor during spring break. They worked on the fence, the storage barn and sorting donations. Thank you!!! You were a blessing!!! They volunteered here last year and we hope to see you again next spring!
When someone close to you goes home to be with the Lord you may want to make a meaningful gift to honor them. Through Memorial Gifts to Hope Harbor their memory can continiue to impact lives for Jesus Christ. You will receive an acknowledgement of your gift and the family of the person remembered will receive a note that there was a gift in their loved one's memory or honor with no mention of the amount. Their memory will continue to bless and bring hope to others. Gifts may also be made in honor of loved ones special occasions.These living gifts will be listed in future newsletters. Here are the memorials from March 2019 through March 2020.
Memorial for VIRGINIA RUST
Given By
Randal Rust
Homer and June Ponder
Krystal Kelly
Sheila McLemore
Brenda Sutherland
Benola Robinson
Creations by CIndy Photography
Joni Adams
Craig Bosse
Cathy Waley
Jo Ann McFarland and Jim Jeffries
Carlyene Harrison
William Willette
Nancy Draper
Lisa Ayers
Bill and Nancy Ponder
Lorna Fike
Janet Luckey

Memorial for SARAH BOSSE
Given By
Craig Bosse

Memorial for OCTAVA FIKE
Given By
Jim McKee
First Church of the Nazarene NMI Lubbock
Dr Jim and Nancy Miller
Linda James
Lyman and Sondra Stanton
Kay Fair Crews
Sheila McLemore
Harvey Baskett
Brandye Wenrick
Ritalynn Suidikas
Don and Fran Plumlee
Stanna Butler Welch and Gerhardt Pigl
John and Karen Donnerberg
Elmer and Darlene Chandler
Ed and Suzanne Boerio
Michael and Liz Ross
Forrest and Jan Stone
Jack and Jerre White
Diane Parzygnat
Beth Baughn
Angus Church of the Nazarene
Marvin and Kathy Van Soest
Welcome new board members Emily Hobbs (left) and Shippen Salas (right) !
We are excited to have these excellent members that have already made a huge difference! They both bring valuable knowledge and experience in Non-Profits. We are blessed to have them.
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The mission of Hope Harbor is to offer a Christ-centered program of hope, healing, and supportive guidance for women and children escaping domestic violence.
This up to two-year program offers safe housing, life-skills training, counseling and the opportunity for further education to promote financial stability.
Location in Capitan by appointment only.
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