Lisa lost 45 pounds in under 5 months at Temple Fitness!
Plus she no longer needs blood pressure or cholesterol medication!"
Rachael and Stacey never imagined how life changing joining a "GYM"
could be!
Johnna and Linda, busy Mom's and business owners! Transform their health and body with Semi Private Training and Macro Coaching at Temple Fitness!

What is a Strength Sister?

Is this part of Tempe Fitness?

Join our Sisterhood Facebook group and Instagram to learn more and be invited to our Strength Sisters Free workshop and community outreach.
Coach Kelly here!

Over the past year I have been working hard developing our STRENGTH SISTERS Community!

My desire is to reach women all over the world to get fit, strong and become the healthiest version of them self!

Our motto: Strong NOT Skinny.

I can now reach women every where digitally.

1st step in transformation:
Learn to master macro tracking

I teach you how in my free 28 day digital challenge.

2nd Step: Learn how to strength train correctly and effectively. You need a plan and a coach.

I coach you how to strength train in my " Build Your Foundation" 6 week strength training in app program.

Ladies we must strength train! I will get you confident in the weight room and stronger then you ever thought possible!

I've made Strength Sister Coaching very affordable. I want women everywhere to feel their best!

Take a look and learn more .....

We wish you a very blessed New Year!

We hope to see you soon and partner with you in your health journey!

Keeping you fit,

Coach Joey and Kelly Barbera
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