Note From Louisa
Last year, around this time, several of us at CML began discussing how we planned to approach 2019. Like many of you, we had chosen a word to represent a focal point of inquiry, study and growth. I shared with you that, for my 2019 year, I was intent on "stillness".
This year, we decided to formalize this little experiment by each coming up with a word to launch the new decade. By naming them, we hope to be more accountable to one another, and perhaps inspire you to consider what you quality you would like to explore, learn about or adopt in 2020.
We'd love to hear from you - visit our Facebook page and add your own! Together, we can share this journey over the next 12 months.
With Compassion,
New Meditation Groups!
Please note that starting in February, we are adding the following sitting groups:
Thursday mornings at 7:30 (silent sit)
Second and Fourth Sunday at 6 pm (45 minute silent sit)
Please join us!

Inclement Weather Policy:

When Omaha Public Schools are closed, we will suspend activities of the Center as well. We will also send out an email to notify of cancellations. If inclement weather falls on either a weekend or school holiday, please check with your specific instructor or facilitator regarding cancellation and rescheduling.

Ongoing Contemplative Practices:  (No Charge)
Workshop: Sitting Meditation Groups
Workshop: Mindfulness Study Group (see below)
Workshops & Events
Hosted at The Center for
 Mindful Living

Mindful Self-Compassion: Moving from Shame to Self-Compassion

An 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Course
Facilitated by Dr. Louisa Foster

Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
February 21st to May 8th
(no class on March 20th, March 27th or April 3rd)

Nurturing a strong, positive relationship with ourselves is at the very foundation of emotional well-being and resilience. This eight-week class will help you to develop the skills necessary to turn toward life's challenges with tenderness and curiosity, rather than avoidance, anger or shame. Research has found that having a self-compassion practice acts as an effective buffer against anxiety and depression. Learning to soothe and comfort ourselves in times of distress increases our sense of gratitude and happiness, and enhances all of our relationships.

This class includes small group exercises, opportunities for private reflection, and guided meditations. You will leave the experience with your own personalized self-compassion practice to rely on during life's more difficult moments. No prior experience with meditation is necessary.

You MUST ATTEND ALL SESSIONS as the skills and course content are designed to build on one another. Maximum participants 15. Tuition is $500, which includes a course manual. (Limited scholarships are available). For additional Information, contact Dr. Louisa Foster at, or Register  here. (Registration closes on February 14th.)
Ongoing Offerings
Mindfulness Study Group
Facilitated by Laura Crosby
First and Third Sunday of the month from 4pm to 6pm
Join us as we begin  A Path with Heart, A Guide through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life by Jack Kornfield. Considered an essential classic that many return to again and again as part of their mindfulness practice,  A Path With Heart offers inspiration and teachings for living mindfully, intentionally, authentically and compassionately - or as one reviewer put it, with "full-tilt compassion." 
The Group will read together, so there is no pre-reading or homework involved. We will read, discuss and practice mindfulness meditation based on the teachings of the book.  Copies of the book are available for use in the study session or to check-out.    

This Mindfulness Study Group is freely offered. There is no charge to participate. Drop-ins welcome at any time. While this selection is based on Buddhist mindfulness teachings, the Study Group as a whole is not religiously affiliated.
Featured Article

2020 In Words
By CML Practitioners
The following offerings reflect the intent for the coming year of those of us that share the healing space at The Center for Mindful Living:
Laura Crosby
Living simply, awake to the essential, direct experience of each moment. 
Living and loving from my deep places, embodied in body-heart-mind-spirit.
Being my truest self, honoring what comes from wise, compassionate knowing. 
Daniel Tipton
This year, I intend to work on trust. In this case, I mean trust in myself. I have experienced that if I try to do the right thing, the universe has my back. My anxiety, anger, frustration, etc... usually boil down to a temporary lapse in self-trust and trust in the greater forces at work. When my intentions and actions are inhibited by self-doubt, I only delay the positive outcomes that work their way to me anyway.  
Kara Cavel
Integration is my word for 2020. This word is inspired by a quote from the Irish poet John O'Donohue (found originally in a book written   by Dr. Dan Siegel)
"I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding."  
This year I hope to be liberated by the familiar and inspired by the unknown. 
Pamela Mueggenberg
This will be a year of great change for me - I am taking a step back from my therapy practice to spend time loving on my new baby, due in May. My family, artistic, and professional life will dramatically shift with our new arrival, and with it the temptation to get stuck in the weeds of anxiety and the desire to control. Thinking of this, my word for the year is SACRED.  What transcends this poop-y diaper?  What lifts me from exhaustion and reminds me of the greater whole?  What is precious, vitally important to me, right now?  My promise to myself is to ask what is truly sacred to me, each day - and, during those rougher days, maybe even each moment.  
Nanci Nilles
Persistence is my word for 2020. There is not much glamour to it, but without persistence, goals fade, and complacency prevails. This next year I will be persistent in my practice of gratitude for my blessings. I will be persistent in my practice of self-care.
Louisa Foster
I've chosen spaciousness as my focus this year. I would like to make more room in my life, both internally and externally. I realize that compassion and presence in one's life require time and intent. By creating spaciousness, I can attend to the values and people that matter most to me, without the distractions of things that no longer serve.
Won't you add your word for the year? We would love to hear from you. What is your focus this year and why? Please post your response on our Facebook page and let's keep the conversation going.
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