To: Participants, Families, and Partners of the Harford Center

From: Sherry Nolte, LCSW-C, Executive Director

Date: Winter, 2020

Winter weather is fast upon us. As with everything in 2020, things will be handled a bit differently this year when it comes to snow and inclement weather. Presently, we are providing three types of services. For each service, inclement weather days will be handled differently. Please use the following guidelines to plan accordingly. Also, we do not follow the school system for weather-related decisions.

Community services:
· Provided either at the Center, in the family’s home, or in the community
· Please use the WBAL website.
· On inclement weather days if it says, the Harford Center is under “reduced operations,” there will be no community services provided that day.
· However, all participants are welcome to join our virtual services. Zoom links are on our website.

Virtual Services:
· Services will be provided Monday-Friday regardless of weather conditions.

Supports in the residential DDA provider homes (Richcroft, MidAtlantic, etc):
· Supports will continued to be provided by the Harford Center assigned staff.
· Should a staff person be unable to get to the home; the provider of DDA residential services will provide coverage

WBAL website:
It is also suggested that you sign-up for email and text alerts to get the most current information.

Thank you all for your continued confidence in our service provision.