Future Life Master Sectional

February 14-16
at the CBC

To All My Non-Life Master Friends:

I was happy to accept the Club's request that I co-chair this year's Future Life Master Tournament. Many people in our Club are hard at work... planning to make this the best Tournament yet! I hope each and every one
of you will plan to participate!

February 14 - 16, 2020 -- Two sessions each day, including free light breakfast and lunch. Check out the flyer below, on the CBC website or posted at the Club. This is a fun tournament that allows us the special opportunity to compete directly with our peers. 

The CBC puts this tournament on just for us! 
I hope to see you there!

Judy Rockwell

Any questions? Call or email me at
(803)730-8181 or judyrockwell@msn.com
Learn Bridge in a Day?
February 22 and 23
The CBC is hosting Learn Bridge in a Day? along with the pilot session of LBIAD at
Fort Jackson. 
A great way to Learn Bridge!! This one-afternoon introduction to the mechanics and basics of the game will be taught by Patty Tucker, a Grand Life Master, American Bridge Teacher Association Master Teacher and ACBL Best Practices Teacher/Trainer.
Tell your friends to come and make new friends while learning this fun and challenging game!

We will be needing volunteers to help with both sessions:
Feb 22 - Fort Jackson - 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Feb 23 - CBC - 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Volunteers will sit with students and offer assistance where needed - if you play bridge at
the CBC - you are qualified to help!
LBIAD Teacher Certification is also available at these sessions.
February 13
Club Qualifier

Get your Flight C team together for this Single Session GNT Club Qualifier. Signup sheet at the CBC.

There is another team game on Sunday, February 15 at the Future Life Master
Sectional - so your team can play again!

Black and red points will be awarded on Thursday; silver points will be awarded Sunday.
Online Tools for Bridge
Do you want to improve your bridge game? Are you interested in earning ACBL masterpoints or enjoying a casual bridge game by playing online by yourself, with your partner, or with bridge players around the world? Do you wonder why the printed hand record says you can make 6NT when you clearly have two losers?

You can use your computer and/or smartphone in many ways to help you learn, play, improve and build your enjoyment of the game. 

This educational session will be interactive and, time permitting, we'll address:

~ An introduction to online bridge games such as BridgeBase and FunBridge
~ Overview and key features of the CBC website

~ Overview of Bridge Solver, a hand evaluation and play tool.

~ Other online resources for bridge players

There are two session scheduled and will cover the same material.

Monday February 17 9:00 AM
Wednesday February 19 10:00 AM

There is no charge for these sessions taught by Glenn Mitchell. If you are planing to play in the game that day.... remember to bring a lunch.

Monday February 24

5:00 PM Chili Dinner

6:00 PM Partner Draw

6:30 PM HiLo Game
Mardi Gras Party

Mark your calendar for the annual
Mardi Gras party.

Beth Watson is chairing this year's event and will be needing volunteers to provide chili, cornbread, drinks, and other party essentials,

No partner is needed for this HiLo game. Partnerships are created by random draw just before the start of the game. Players will be sorted 'higher' or 'lower' by masterpoints and then randomly matched. Time will be given for partnerships to create a convention card.

If you are unable to attend the dinner, but would like to play in the game, please let Beth or Mike Bitonti know in advance, so you can be placed in the draw.
 Masterpoint Milestones 
Ruby Life Master (1500+)
Scott McPherson

Bronze Life Master (750+)
Beth Watson

Life Master (300+*/500+**)
Daniel Heath*
Beth Watson**
February Charity: ACBL Educational Foundation

Founded in 1987 as a charitable arm of the American Contract Bridge League, the
ACBL Educational Foundation became an independent 501 (c)(3) nonprofit foundation
in 2017.

The Foundation’s mission is to get more people playing bridge, not only by growing the number of competitive bridge players, but by introducing the game and enriching the lives of people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Millions of people around the world are bridge players, and the ACBL Educational Foundation hopes to grow the passion for bridge in communities and households all across North America. The Foundation receives contributions from individuals, families, and corporations, and awards grants for programs to carry out its goals.  

To introduce more people, of all ages and walks of life, to the game of bridge, regardless of whether it's social, duplicate, or a simplified stepping-stone game.

To develop a network of casual bridge players and encourage their engagement with the game.
Upcoming Special CBC Club Games
 and Area Tournaments
Special Games and Events at the CBC
Feb 1
Feb 3-9
Feb 6
Feb 8
Feb 10
Feb 13
Feb 13

Feb 14-16

Feb 17
Feb 19
Feb 20

Feb 23

Feb 24
Feb 27
ACBL-wide International Fund Open Pairs (12:30 PM)
STaC Week (check schedule for game types)
Supervised Play (9:30 AM)
Birthday Game Open Pairs (12:30 PM)
CBC Board Meeting (5:15 PM)
Open Pairs - Signup Required (12:30 PM)
Flight C GNT - Singe Session (12:30 PM)

Future Life Master Sectional at the CBC (see schedule)

Class: Online Tools for Bridge (9:00 AM)
Class: Online Tools for Bridge (10:00 AM)
Supervised Play (9:30 AM)

Learn Bridge in a Day? Session (1:00 - 5:30 PM)

Mardi Gras Party (5:00 PM) and HiLo Game (6:30 PM)
Hi-Low Game (12:30 PM) Novice & Experienced Pairing Encouraged
Area Sectional and Regional Tournaments
Feb 14-16
Feb 21-23
Feb 24-Mar 1
Mar 5-8
Mar 5-8
Mar 13-15
Click on Tournament for Flyer
New Tricks Bridge Club

If you have already seen the New Tricks Tournament Series - world class players, expert commentary and great graphics and a really enjoyable way to watch bridge, then you may already be a fan. If not, then do take a look:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMifqV6Z9RQ&t=70s

New Tricks is a UK-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the provision of free bridge education for all. You can find out more about them at  www.newtricksbridge.club .

Subscribers to the YouTube channel will receive a notification when the next episode of the series is posted. Another way to stay in touch and receive information about new content is to ‘like’ their facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/newtricksbridge/
Card Played

This month’s article is aimed at debunking a few myths regarding a action that occurs
52 times each hand – playing a card. As a Director, I’ve been called to tables many times where there is a dispute amongst the players as to whether or not a card has been played. “I saw her card”, “He had it on the table”, “She said ‘eight’ and I thought she said ‘Ace’”… these are only a few of the statements made by the players when it comes to this issue. Law 45 in the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge covers the topic of Card Played. The main thing to consider here is that the definition for Card Played is different for the Defenders, for Declarer, and for the card called from Dummy. Let’s look at each of these.
First, one of the Defenders is on lead. Law 45.C.1 states: “A defender’s card held so that it is possible for his partner to see its face is deemed played to the current trick (if the defender has already made a legal play to the current trick, see Law 45E)”. Notice that there is nothing about the card being in proximity to the table. That being said, if a Defender leads to a trick face down, defers to their partner to ask questions, the defender on lead may not change his/her card based on the info Declarer provides.
The next situation is when Declarer leads from their own hand. Law 45.C.2 states: “Declarer is deemed to have played a card from his hand if it is: (a) held face up, touching or nearly touching the table; or (b) maintained in such a position as to indicate that it has been played.” This statement is very different from 45.C.1 in that is more to do with proximity than visibility. That’s because there isn’t another acting person the Declarer can share that card’s info with. The proximity statement is there to protect Defenders from a Declarer to makes a face-down play in attempt to illicit a reaction from his/her LHO Defender. In instances where either a Defender or Declarer has been accused of having played a card, I always ask that person to demonstrate their action, get acceptance/denial from the opposing side, and then make a final ruling.
The final situation is when Declarer calls a card from Dummy. Law 45.C.3 states: “A card in the dummy is played if it has been deliberately touched by declarer except for the purpose either of arranging dummy’s cards, or of reaching a card above or below the card or cards touched.”. Law 45.C.4a: “A card is played if a player names or otherwise designates it as the card he proposes to play (but see Law 47).” and Law 45.C.4b: “Declarer may correct an unintended designation of a card from dummy until he next plays a card from either his own hand or from dummy. A change of designation may be allowed after a slip of the tongue, but not after a loss of concentration or a reconsideration of action. If an opponent has, in turn, played a card that was legal before the change in designation, that opponent may withdraw the card so played, return it to his hand, and substitute another (see Laws 47D and 16C1).” also apply to not only Declarer’s called card from Dummy, but if a Defender calls a legal card from their hand.
To summarize, Defender's card is played if their partner (not Declarer!!!) is deemed to have been able to have seen the card. A Declarer’s card is played from their hand if it’s at or near the table, or having been presented in such a manner as having been played. A card is considered played from Dummy when touched by or explicitly called for by Declarer.
Be good and play well!
Michael Bitonti
Head Director - CBC
CBC Cup Races

As of January 1, 2020

Happy New Year to everyone. Let us hope that 2020 brings us all equal measures of rest, comfort, excitement, and contentment. And, incidentally, let us hope that the new year also brings us lots of masterpoints. We are already over half way into the 2019 – 2020 cup races year and all four of the races look to be competitive with no clear
favorite emerging just yet.
In the Sol Lourie Open category, Jay Shahani leads the pack with over 162 masterpoints followed by last year’s winner Mohan Bali with a tad under 150 points. Hap Neuffer, Alice Moore, and Pat Webb are bunched up together in the third through fifth slots with Mike Bitonti, Mary Townhill, Beth Watson, Eddie Crosby, and Bill Charlwood rounding out the top ten.
In the Henry Mills Under 2000 race, Mike Bitonti has 132.32 masterpoints with Beth Watson chasing behind him with almost 114 points. Eddie Crosby and Bill Charlwood are running close to each other in the third and fourth positions followed by Kathy Kimmerling and Mirza Baig in the fifth and sixth slots. Jack Self, Shelby King, Chuck Kennedy, and Francis Robinson fill out the remaining four spots.
The Coleman-Farrell Non-Life Master category finds Beth Watson in the lead with nearly 114 masterpoints followed closely by Eddie Crosby with just over 108 points. Shelby King trails both of the leaders in the third slot while Myra Jaynes and Charmelle Staples are running neck and neck in the fourth and fifth positions. Kathy Belknap, Judy Rockwell, Sally McCardle, Brenda Isbell, and Dee Taylor place sixth through tenth to round out the top ten.
The Centurion Under 100 race is perennially the closest of the four races and this year certainly is no different. Kathy Belknap claims the #1 spot with just over 42 masterpoints but Judy Rockwell is breathing down her neck with over 40 points. Dee Taylor follows closely behind with almost 39 points followed by Charles Williams in fourth and Jim Bull in fifth. The remaining five slots in this top ten category are filled by Vicki Strasler, Chara Clark, Gail Morrison, Patti Suggs, and Mike Mayfield.
January and February are great months to play bridge because every game is a Charity game with extra masterpoints, so head on down to the club and spend a few hours playing one of America’s finest games. See you there!

~ Jack Self
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