March, 2021
David Moore the Recipient of the 2020
Jerry Frisch Award

This newsletter has been sent to you so we can recognize and celebrate David Moore as the recipient of the Jerry Frisch award for 2020. One of the most rewarding duties of the MHA president is to present the Jerry Frisch Award at the annual meeting. I had the honor of doing this three times in the last four years. As you know, Covid-19 forced the cancelation of the annual meeting last April, 2020. At that time I would have had the honor to call David up to the stage, in front of all his peers, and present him as the winner of the Jerry Frisch award. I regret not being able to do that. Congratulations David!

Rather than giving the reason why David got this award. I think that fellow members can state it best. To read their comments just open the link on their name.

The 2021 Jerry Frisch award will be presented at the MHA Virtual Meeting on April 13th. More information will be forth coming.
Chris Prior