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What Baboons Can Teach Us About Dealing With Stress
 The obvious solution to breaking free of stress .. Listen to Stanford's neuro-genius Robert Sapolsky who inspires Venture Up program philosophy.
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July / August 2020
Did you know?

A M A Z I N G  R A C E  
~ ~ ~ in Cyberspace ~ ~ ~ 
WHO it is for?
Your employees and contract staff working from home or anywhere.
WHAT is it?
Why, it's another Venture Up original! The Cyberthon Amazing Race is a step-by-step clue-solving game -- the first in a series of fun cyber events to stimulate and motivate your teams and build morale.

WHERE is it hosted?
Venture Up leaders schedule, initiate, host and facilitate the entire event via Zoom. The event can also be customized to your company's market, product or services.
WHEN can we do it?
Well, that's up to you! We are already booking into September right now. 
WHY do it?:
Motivation. Innovation. Morale-building. If you want to spring back to functionality, a good way to lift the spirits is to get social with your colleagues and friends at work no matter where they are.


A M A Z I N G   G A M E S
However confounding, brain twisting and challenging our
Amazing Games may be, clients worldwide keep coming back for more and more. Booking into September now. Are you ready? Your move: 888-305-1065.  
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