Hello Exciting Church!

I pray that you are doing well during these extraordinary times and that you are safe and healthy. Much of the world is trying to reopen but the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is taking things really slow and being very intentional about what comes next for us.

March 8 was the last time we had worship in our sacred space. The Bishop and the Conference Relaunch Team have said that no in-person worship should occur until at least June 15. One exception to this is for those who have a drive-in worship services that uses an FM signal. People maintain social distancing by staying in their cars. We relaunched this service on May 17th and it was well received. In the days ahead, we will receive further guidance from the Conference about the possibility of reopening our sacred spaces. We will pass along any new information as it comes along.

In the meantime, we have put together our own relaunch team to discern how we might reopen our sacred spaces when the time comes. We think it will happen in phases and will take some time. Lots of questions and scenarios need to be thought through so that we can make sure that we are keeping everyone safe. We will continue to offer worship through online videos and dial-in calls as well as the Drive-In Service. Journey Groups, classes, and administrative meetings are connected through Zoom.

I also want to thank you for your generous giving! We are only slightly behind in our budget, and it is because our congregation is not only generous but dedicated to the mission of Trinity! There are various ways to give at Trinity. You can mail in your offering, give through the church website, or Text-To-Give. Simply text trinitydeland to 73256. If you give at the Drive-In Service, we will collect it at the end of the service through a touchless system.

We are experiencing a new normal. But this I know, God is with us and the best is yet to come! I am confident that we will make it through all this and we will be even stronger for it. I’m so proud to be your pastor!

Still in One Peace;


Sermons for June

June 7th
We Are Disciples Who Make Disciples
Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20

Today we return to a sermon series we had just began when the Coronavirus came to town and we had to shift gears. This sermon series is about our Mission and Vision statements: “We are disciples creating disciples through the transforming love of Jesus. If we do this, over time we will multiply disciples everywhere and our world be will changed.” The way of making Disciples is in our church DNA. To study Wesley is to study the early church. All Christians have the ability to make disciples. No special gifts are needed; we all can learn how to be disciples and make more disciples.

June 14th
Moving from Growing Deeper to Reaching Outward
Scripture: Acts 2:43-47

When we think about discipleship today, we often think about growing deeper on a personal level. But discipleship is more than personal spiritual growth. True growth is realized when we reach out to those around us and share our lives with others. Deep discipleship involves living life with others. We love and support each other along the journey of life. Today we will look at how our Journey groups can make this a reality.

Note: Father’s Day
June 21st
Moving from Member to Disciple Maker
Scripture: Hebrews 5:11-14

Discipleship is about more than church membership. Multiplying disciples is not a church growth plan, though that will probably happen. The focus of our discipleship is raising up mature followers of Jesus who can replicate their results. Every member can become a disciple maker. It is what we are all called to do.

June 28th
Moving from Programs to Relationships
Scripture: 1 Cor 16:19

People today crave relationships. We live in a fragmented and pluralistic society. Our electronic devices give us a false sense of community. But we need each other now more than ever, especially in light of our coronavirus situation. Gone are the days of lecture-style bible studies and programs that are more entertainment than spiritual meat. Today we will explore how our discipleship model can fill the need for relationships.

1 - Alyssa Panda
3 - Rev. Daniel Casselberry
4 - Lucy Halavin
4 - Horace O'Quinn
5 - Frank Krizon
5 - Mark Thompson
7 - Josephine Bland
7 - Dean Kellogg
8 - Dawn Godwin
8 - Ruth Ann Miller
8 - Elena Vergara
9 - Tori Ball
9 - June Shearin
9 - Margie Thompson
12 - Marjorie Crist
13 - Mandy Austin
14 - Freida McCray
15 - Warren Saxon
16 - Tina Jeffries
17 - Dennis Hall
19 - Martha Parissi
21 - Patricia DeBellis
22 - Keith Yocum
23 - Judith Birnie
26 - Lori Jones
27 - Alma Barker
27 - John Dill
27 - Jason Kellogg
29 - Gaynelle Johnston

2 - David & Jan Shipman
  • 41 years

3 - Hermie & Norma Clemente
  • 53 years

3 - Dilbert & Gwen Clifton
  • 62 years

9 - Rob & Dee Miller
  • 47 years

15 - Mark & Susan Moor
  • 18 years

15 - Jim & Angie Hyde
  • 29 years

18 - David & Judy Wall
  • 47 years

21 - Warren & Lana Saxon
  • 56 years

30 - Gary & Mary Anne Rogers
  • 41 years

“All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your God.” ~Deuteronomy 16:17

Due to the pandemic, many individuals are now mailing their checks in or opting to use a debit or credit card online to make charitable contributions. For this reason, we have come up with not one but four different ways to give to Trinity:

Cash and checks. Yes, cash and checks are still being accepted. The safest way to ensure your gift arrives is to place it in the offering plate at church or mail it in to the office. To designate your gift, write the purpose or name of a fund in the memo line of your check or on a separate piece of paper. To have an accurate record of any cash gifts that you want credited to your account, put the money in a sealed envelope with written directions on how the gift is to be used. (Note, we do not encourage cash gifts be sent in the mail.)

On our website. If you look on the front “home” page of our website, you will find a purple-colored button that says “ Give Today!” Click on that button to go to our secure Giving Page and follow the instructions on how to set up an online profile. Once you do this, you will simply login with your email address and password everytime you wish to make a gift. You also can set up a system of recurring gifts that will be automatically made on a regular basis – say monthly. You pick the amount you want to give each period and the date to complete the request. Your donation schedule is then recorded in our new Realm database. You can also specify whether you would like your contribution to go to our general operating fund and/or one of several “restricted” funds.

Using the Realm Connect app. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can search for Realm Connect in your favorite app store. Once you download the app, search for TrinityDeLand. With Realm’s online giving, you can make a one-time gift or set up recurring gifts using debit cards, credit cards, or eChecks (ACH). All gifts made online will immediately show up in the individual’s giving history, along with any other online, text, or off-line contributions.

Make a gift via text messaging. Perfect for visitors and friends that want to make a quick gift, we now accept gifts made via text. (Note, the phone or tablet being used must already have credit/debit or ACH banking information stored into the device.) The donor simply goes into their text messaging program and texts TrinityDeLand to 73256. A message with a link will pop up instructing the donor to click on the link to complete your gift to Trinity.

Although many Trinity members still write checks and many do not use computers and technology, we are encouraging members and friends to consider using our new online methods of giving. Need assistance? Call the church office at 386-734-4425.

Currently I am working on the following projects in regard to the Music and Worship ministry:

  • Working closely with Pastor Todd in planning and organizing On-Line and Drive-in Worship experiences
  • Preparing music and recording live music for On-line worship, and weekly worship concert sets
  • Preparing live music for the Drive-in Worship experience
  • Learning the new Realm software
  • Serving on PAT task force as we prepare to exit this building
  • Serving on Re-launch team as we prepare for in-house worship
  • Working on Fall Festival 2020 plans as we determine how it can be done
  • Zooming with Music Ministry groups to stay connected
  • Meeting equipment needs for this current situation and determining what new needs we will have

We are currently not utilizing our worship volunteers (hosts, liturgists, children’s moments/children’s church/communion servers/stewards) during this time to limit the number of individuals involved in a close proximity. We will adjust accordingly as we are directed by the Bishop and Governor.

Music Makers, Choir, and Praise Team are currently on hold until we can meet safely as directed and protocols followed.

Conya Hartman, Director


We had five high school graduates and three college graduates who were honored recently! A video was made of all of the graduates to share with the congregation during the drive-in worship service on May 17th. You can preview the video HERE. The graduates are listed as follows:

  • Maia Carr-Stetson University-Daughter of Brian and Lorena Carr
  • Elissa Fuller-Point University-Daughter of Brian and Melissa Fuller
  • Heather Osterhouse-Daytona State College-Daughter of Renee Osterhouse
  • Kathryn Hennessey-DeLand High-Daughter of Joe and Theresa Hennessey
  • Cayman Forbes-DeLand High-Daughter of Brett and Suzanna Forbes
  • Grace Bishop-DeLand High-Daughter of Jeff and Michele Bishop
  • Taylor Palmer-University High-Daughter of John and Lisa Palmer
  • AJ Daniels-Father Lopez High-Son of Charlie and Darlene Daniels

Melissa Fuller and I will be delivering gifts and cards from the church this week.

Summer Camp

Due to precautions taken by the FLUM Conference and Camps & Retreats staff, Warren Willis will not hold overnight camps this summer. We're still waiting on word about possible mission projects in which we can participate the latter part of the summer.


Trinity Youth have been meeting regularly on Zoom on Sunday afternoons from 3:00-4:00. The students are ready for this pandemic to be done so we can meet in person.


Our Vacation Bible School will likely be virtual this year. Karen Robbins and I are working on it along with Conya. It will be sometime in July.

Lori Hansard, Director

Due to the pandemic and new protocols for visitors allowed inside the church, our subscription to both regular and large-print copies of The Upper Room is going to be cancelled. We currently have copies available for a donation and our subscription is good until the September-October issue comes out around August 15. Call the office if you would like us to mail you one.

We encourage members to personally subscribe to The Upper Room or similar daily devotionals. The Upper Room website has an extensive bookstore online and offers an e-newsletter and web-based daily devotional, in addition to the printed version. To learn more, go to https://www.upperroom.org/. You can also call the organization (based in Nashville, TN) at 800-972-0433.

We are sorry about this change, but hope you can understand.

TOT -Trinity Office Team
Debra Wood, Coordinator

Sunday, June 7
8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


The opportunity to help is now. Won't you plan on joining us? The Red Cross Big Red Bus will be at Trinity on Sunday, June 7th to kick off the summer. The bus will arrive at 8 a.m. and park either in the School Board parking lot or on the Wisconsin Avenue side of the church. You can arrive early and park next to the bus while you go in to donate; you can drive over from your parking space during the service; or you can wait until the service is over to donate. The service will be broadcast in the bus, so you won't miss anything.

All donors will receive a FREE OneBlood T-shirt and a wellness checkup including blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screening!

FREE COVID-19 Antibody test for all successful donors. ID is required. To make an appointment for the antibody test, please visit www.oneblood.org/donate-now and use the sponsor code #26508.

Grace House exists to help people face unplanned pregnancies by sharing the truth in love about abortion risks and procedures, parenting and adoption, as well as the Gospel!

Grace House offers accurate information in a loving and compassionate way in order to enable women (and men) to make positive choices. Their mission is to meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies.

This month we will be collecting diapers for these young mothers. They have specifically asked for sizes 4, 5, and 6 which they run out of most often, but any diapers in addition to new or gently used maternity clothing, Goodstart formula, baby towels, wash cloths, crib and bassinet sheets, and baby wipes will be appreciated. Cash donations will also be accepted to support this vital need in DeLand.

With love,
Steve and Debbie Jones

Thanks to each of you who gave gift cards or money to purchase them for the 125 Challenge in March. $435 in gift cards was given to DCF, the Division of Children and Families, in Daytona. DCF has a hotline number where trafficked girls/boys/men/women who need assistance, call in. These gift cards will assist DCF in buying many essentials for those calling. DCF is also going to share these cards with the Police Department, as they are on the front lines picking up trafficked victims, and may need to take them to buy clothing, shoes, toiletry items, or food before asking DCF to find them a place to stay.

Due to our church closing in early March, many of you did not get a chance to buy gift cards, so this opportunity will re-occur in August. Trafficking is exploding world-wide; pimps can make a lot of money off each one of those working for them and of course, this is multiplied by many who work for them. Most of these women have a dollar quota to meet each night; and if it’s not met, the pimp sends them back out. It doesn't matter if they are sick, if the weather is awful, or if business is not good. A pimp will not take excuses. Girls are beaten and sometimes killed and no one cares. The money or gift cards you give will help some of those trafficked get help and maybe save their lives.

Thanks so much,
Lana Saxon, H.O.P.E. (Helpers of People Enslaved) Board member

Susanna Circle members put together take-out dinners for 47 at Interfaith Kitchen on May 19. The remainder of our prepared dinners were taken to the Neighborhood Center, which appreciated getting them. Susanna also sent a large contribution to the Neighborhood Center to help with the Center’s food distribution.

Susanna Circle is a group of 20+ women who combine interesting programs with service projects such as the one above. Our other big project is the Fall Festival, where we make and serve chili and hot dogs. In April, our Zoom meeting program was from the book, Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell. The book concerned a man who searched the world to find precious diamonds and who took his life not knowing that his entire back yard held one of the richest diamond fields in the world. So, each of us answered the question, “What diamonds do you have in your own back yard?” We challenge you to answer this question in light of so many of you staying at home over the past two months. Look around you and see the beauty God has given you in your own back yard.

Lana Saxon
Dear Trinity Family and Friends,

I thought you would enjoy this morning prayer, as I did. It is reprinted from dailyprayer.us.

Good Morning Heavenly Father

Good Morning Heavenly Father, and thank You for the glory of the sun
And thank You for the health I have to get my duty done.

I shall devote the hours of this golden day to You,
by honoring Your Holy Name in everything I do.

I will pursue my daily art without complaint or fear
and spend my every effort to be friendly and sincere.

I know there have been many days that I have whiled away.
But this is one that I will try to make Your special day.

And so once more, Good Morning Heavenly Father. And please depend on me
because I want to honor You for all eternity.


This month, pray for our church family and friends in the Directory.
Judy Ross, Cindy Rosso, Diane Ryan, Warren and Lana Saxon,
Dick and Jeane Schuler

Carolyn Harner, Prayer Team Coordinator

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Conya Hartman -

Trinity Office Team (TOT) -

Lori Hansard -

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