Lighting the Torch for 2020
We’re igniting the 2020 conference planning with the January event "2020 Vision: Lighting the Torch."
This lightning talk-style gathering in Portland officially opens the call for proposals for PNSQC 2020. We will have speakers and food at this evening event Thursday, January 23, 2020, from 6-8pm.
Delivering Your Message
Do you avoid giving public presentations? Is this holding back your career? Now is your chance to learn and build up public speaking skills in an upcoming free workshop.

Seasoned public presenters Philip Lew and Brian Gaudreau will be leading "An Engineering Approach to Public Speaking" on January 24, 2020.

This event is limited to just 18 spots, so be sure to secure your spot today.
Inspiration for the New Year
Two great speakers at PNSQC 2019 shared tips and tricks that are sure to help you succeed in the new year.
Scott Crabtree wants you to picture eyeballs & doorways . "As if we haven't gotten weird already, now we're getting really weird." In his keynote, he explains how detailed and strange visual cues will help you remember things longer. 

Meanwhile, Dawn Haynes wants you to be the best tester you can be. In her Lightning Talk , she stresses the importance of putting people first by recognizing and encouraging qualities that make someone an excellent tester, regardless of what their title is. Dawn won the Best Presentation award at this year’s conference, which is all the more reason to check out her talk.