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Welcome to the 2nd Week of Oregon's 2020 Legislative Session
Things are in full swing at the Capitol. The legislature has specific deadlines to keep the session moving forward. We have already passed the first deadline of this session. Bills had to have a work session scheduled by last Friday, February 7th. If they did not have a work session scheduled, then the bill “dies” and cannot become law. Our bill tracker list this week only includes the bills we are tracking that passed the first deadline.
The second deadline is rapidly approaching. By Thursday, February 13th, bills have to move out of their original committee. The deadline does not apply to Ways & Means, Revenue, Rules, and other joint committees.
For example, if a bill started in the Senate Human Services Committee, by this Thursday, it would have to have passed out of the Senate Human Services Committee or it “dies” this session and will not become law.
Revenue Forecast Presentation
Wednesday, February 12th
In addition to the bill deadlines, members of the revenue committees will hear Oregon’s Revenue Forecast presented by the Office of Economic Analysis. Revenue forecasts are critically important for legislators to understand a few key points:
·      How much money Oregon can expect to receive as revenue;
·      Various economic trends that are impacting Oregon’s economy;
·     Oregon's economic outlook and possibility of another recession.
DD Budget Presentation to
Human Services Ways and Means Committee
Wednesday, February 12th
On Wednesday, February 12, the Human Services Ways and Means Committee will be hearing from Lilia Teninty, the Director of the Office of Developmental Disability Services program. Lilia will be updating the committee two items:

·      How the $30 million that legislators awarded ODDS in 2019 for rate increases has been and will be applied, describing stakeholder involvement in the process, identifying impacts on providers and workers, and providing an update on the transition to the new rate models; and
·      The rate model impacts of a contractor error which impacted the way the new rate model grouped people into service categories. The error inappropriately placed some people in lower payment categories which means the funding they would have received would not have covered the additional staff time and other higher costs needed for people with higher levels of need.

The Human Services Ways and Means hearing starts at 8:00 AM in HR F. Although meeting materials have not been posted yet, you can check back closer to the hearing date for more information. You can also watch the hearing while it happens or catch the recording on the legislative website .
DD Advocacy Day at the Capitol
Wednesday, February 12th

This Wednesday!

Oregon Developmental Disability Coalition’s GO! Project will be hosting our DD Advocacy Day at the Capitol in Room 350

Wednesday, February 12th 2020
10AM to 2PM

  • Schedule visits with your State Senator and Representative
  • Legislative advocacy training offered at 11AM
  • Wear something yellow to show unity
It's quick and easy to identify who your State Senator and State Representative are, just visit www.oregonlegislature.gov/

Our legislative advocacy team will be available to help you prepare for your legislative visits, provide you with fact sheets and review talking points with you at our only DD Advocacy Day this session!
Let's GO!
DD Coalition Priorities Talking Points
Please reference these talking points when you connect with your State Senator and State Representative this week:

Fund Case Management Entities Workload Model
An additional investment of $5 million will bring case management entities closer to the workload model funding level that was needed, but not fully funded, in the budget legislators approved in 2019.

Fund DD Services Rate Model & Direct Support Professional Wages
An additional $14.9 million is needed for Developmental Disabilities rate model implementation:
  • $12.2 million to cover a data calculation error made by a contractor. This error impacted the way the new rate model grouped people into service categories. The error underestimated how many people require services at a higher level in the DD System. However, investing this amount in the DD System today will bring the average wage for Direct Support Professionals to only $14.38 an hour.
  • $2.7 million is needed to bring Direct Support Professional wages to an average of $15 per hour as intended.

Add Statewide Data System Budget Note
We are requesting a budget note that requires DHS to conduct a study to determine what features are critical in a statewide electronic data system for DD Services. The budget note would require that DHS gather input on this topic from DD System providers, advocates, families and people experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities. A data system would help:
  • Replace current, outdated systems to collect data across the state;
  • Increase transparency for people and families using services so they can manage their services better; and
  • Create consistent data across the state that can help drive policy decisions.
Download the DD Coalition's GO! Project Revised 2020 Fact Sheet Here .
Bills & Hearings to Watch
For information about bills the DD Coalition has selected that may impact the lives of people experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families, please see the attached report . There are several bills of note that have hearings this week, including:

Monday, February 10
1:00 PM/HR A Senate Committee on Mental Health
SB 1553 Requires Oregon Health Authority, under direction of Oregon Health Policy Board and in collaboration with specified stakeholder groups, to identify, assess and prepare report on regulatory and policy barriers to effective and timely behavioral health treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Work Session.
3:00 PM/HR D House Committee Human Services and Housing
HB 4002 Requires Housing and Community Services Department to study long-term rent assistance and to report to interim committee of Legislative Assembly no later than October 1, 2020. Possible Work Session.
Tuesday, February 11
8:00 AM / HR E. House Committee on Behavioral Health
HB 4082   Establishes Behavioral Health Road Map Commission in Legislative Assembly. Work Session.
11:00 AM / Senate Floor Third Readings
SB 1518 Directs Department of Human Services to submit documents necessary to finalize certain pending adoptions on or before June 30, 2020.

SB 1519 Modifies provisions relating to criminal records checks performed by Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority.
1:00 PM / HR B Senate Committee on Education
SB 1572 Establishes subject-matter credit requirements that students must satisfy in order to receive high school diploma. Work Session.
3:00 PM / HR E House Committee on Health Care
HB 4101 Requires Oregon Health Authority to ensure reimbursement of health services delivered using telemedicine. Public Hearing and Work Session.

Wednesday, February 12

Start the day by attending the Human Services Ways & Means hearing that starts at 8AM in HR F. Then visit the DD Advocacy Headquarters in Room 350 any time between 10AM and 2PM for the GO Project's only DD Advocacy Day this session!
Thursday February 13
8:00 AM / HR B Senate Committee on Housing and Development
SB 1533 Authorizes Housing and Community Services Department to provide grants and technical assistance to organizations assisting tenants in eviction proceedings. Public Hearing and Possible Work Session

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Other Items of Interest to the DD Community
Housing Update:

Our partners at Children First for Oregon had an excellent update on housing initiatives this session that we are sharing with you: Speaker Kotek announced a  major housing proposal  this week, with a focus on addressing the lack of shelter spaces across the state (HB 4001).

The package also includes additional affordable housing development resources ($50 million) and resources to maintain existing affordable housing ($20 million), in addition to other additional resources.
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