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Oregon's 2020 Legislative Session Update
Last week was a busy week in Salem with Republicans exiting the Capitol as SB 1530 passed out of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. The provisions of SB 1530 are designed to address climate change and create a cap and trade system to lower carbon emissions. For more details, please see the Salem Reporter article on SB 1530 .
The Oregon Constitution requires that both the House and Senate have two-thirds of its members present for a quorum to conduct business. By leaving the Capitol on Monday, eleven of the twelve Senate Republican members denied the Senate a quorum leaving the Oregon Senate unable to pass SB 1530 or conduct other business. On Tuesday, twenty-one of the House Republican members also left the Capitol and denied the House a quorum in protest of SB 1530.
This walk out has serious implications for all Oregonians. The Oregon constitutional deadlines require that the 2020 legislative session adjourn by March 8. If session ends without legislators returning to the capitol, many bills and agency budget rebalances will die. A special session would need to be called after this session adjourns to address budget items. 
Many bills are now waiting for approval in the House or Senate. These bills include many that we are tracking including important bills that would study statewide long-term rent assistance ( HB 4002 ), protect youth with IDD who are being sent out-of-state ( SB 1566 ), streamline background checks ( SB 1519 ).  
Agency budget rebalances are also waiting for action, like those for Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Disability Services. We are hearing positive things about our priorities , including the $12.2 million to correct the contractor error and stabilize DD services rates, $5 million for case management, and the budget note to create a report on requirements for a data system that would increase engagement for people using services and efficiencies for DD case managers and providers. Despite these positive comments, this rebalance will be on hold unless the legislature is able to conduct business.
Although the House and Senate have not been able to conduct business during floor sessions, committee hearings are continuing. Only a simple majority is required for a quorum in committees. The priority bills we have tracked for you are either waiting for action in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, or are waiting for action on the House or Senate floor.
We will keep you posted of developments in Salem during the next week.
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