2020 Lone Star PETS Team Selection: 
Congratulations Are In Order!
Congratulations on being selected to serve as a member of our 2020 Lone Star PETS Facilitator Team.

To those of you who served last year, we appreciate so much your continued service to Lone Star PETS as a Facilitator. Your knowledge and experience as a Rotary leader qualify you as an exemplary mentor for our future Rotary leaders.

For our new Facilitator Team members, you have come recommended highly and have served your District as a leader.

Your name was submitted to the Board of Directors for Lone Star PETS as a recommended Facilitator for the 2020 PETS. The Board approved our list, and we are preparing the training schedule and materials for 2020.
Facilitator Team Selection Process: 
You’re A Rotary All-Star!
It is important to note the following points as related to the Facilitator selection process: 

  • First, all Facilitator evaluation scores are reviewed following the end of each PETS.  If you were a Facilitator last year, and want to know your evaluation score, please contact me directly.  

  • Second, we rotate Facilitators each year to bring in leaders from the last three years to ensure we are addressing the needs of new President Elects. 

  • And third, the District Governor Elects identified emerging District leaders who are qualified and ready to serve in this role.
PETS General Information: 
Mark Your Rotary Leader Calendar
For 2020, PETS is scheduled from Thursday, February 26, through Sunday, March 1, 2020.  Registration is now live and available on the website under the Registration tab at the top of the page.  The Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel reservation link is also live and available under this same tab. All expense reimbursement inquiries should be directed to your District Governor Elect.
Facilitator Training Schedule Information: 
Mark Your Training Team Calendar

Prior to PETS, we will host two training sessions in February which will include specialized instructions, facilitation strategy overviews, and curriculum module enactments.

The first session will be held in the DFW area, at the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel, on February 8.  

The second session will be in Austin, at the Marriott North Austin, on February 15.  

You are required to attend one of these trainings to serve as a Facilitator; there will be no exceptions. Further information regarding specific arrangements will be forthcoming in December.
Facilitator Training Materials Information: 
It’s All About The Curriculum
The curriculum is integral to the mission of Lone Star PETS. Since last year, we have reviewed new information and documents from the Rotary Learning Center; the PETS Alliance; Rotary Institutes; and other curriculum documents. We have sought input as well from the District Governor Elects. For this PETS, we have determined that there will be no substantive modifications in the module content in the President Elect and President Nominee Facilitator Guides.

For your immediate use, and to begin your planning, the 2019 Facilitator Guides are available on the PETS web site under the DGE & Facilitators Site Page – Facilitators Toolkit .

 Updated Guides will be available on the web site in January; you will receive hard copies at your training session, along with your exact training assignment.

Our 2021 Lone Star PETS materials will be fully digital.  Considerable planning and implementation work will be necessary and commence immediately following the close of this year’s PETS.
Facilitator Team Commitment Acceptance:
Your Prompt Response is Appreciated 
Please let me know by Monday, November 25, at mamcduffrotary5790@gmail.com , if you accept or decline this offer of commitment.

We believe that we have selected the best, the brightest, and the most dedicated Team for our 2020 PETS.

Yours in Rotary Service,

PDG Mary Ann McDuff
2020 Lone Star PETS Curriculum Chair
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