2020 Master Management Annual Report
The 2020 Master Management Annual Report is out. We invite you to review some of the highlights from the past year and get a preview of 2021.

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Welcome to our 2020 annual report
I invite you to spend a few minutes reviewing some of the highlights from the past 12 months. I hope you will agree Master Management not only kept but exceeded its promise to ensure Century Village East remains one of the premiere communities in South Florida.

Eli Okun
Board of Directors
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.
Several significant capital improvement projects were completed in 2020. The West Guardhouse was razed, relocated and completely rebuilt.

Three new fountains were installed in the lakes around the Village.

Fifteen dry wells and two drainage flumes were installed.

Several multi-year projects also progressed in 2020, including year five of the seven year repaving project as well as the continued installation of improved lighting on the buildings to increase safety. 
Master Management took several steps in 2020 to make the Village roadways safer. It paid the Broward Sheriff's Office to provide increased patrols inside the Village.

Master Management launched a public awareness campaign entitled "Obey the Signs or Pay the Fines."

A new Transportation Safety Manager was hired.

Finally, new retractable lower steps and additional hand rails were installed on all buses.
The pandemic in 2020 presented unprecedented challenges. Master Management reacted early and effectively.

In March, with only two unconfirmed Broward cases the decision was immediately made to implement enhanced cleaning of the entire transportation system.

Within days, safety protocols were in place. New bus routes were added to assist residents take advantage of special shopping hours at nearby stores. Master Management was the first CVE organization to transition to virtual meetings.
A state-of-the-art filtration system was installed in Le Club, the Activity Center and the Master Management offices.

Master Management also took on the responsibility of keeping residents informed regarding critical health information.
This year, Master Management made a special commitment to improving the Village security team.

A new Director of Security and Assistant Director of Security were brought in.

Village security includes officers at the Clubhouse and guardhouses. It also includes roaming officers. Master Management provides EMT's stationed at the Clubhouse.
The completion of the new West Guardhouse this year further improved safety and security as it now provides a 24/7 clear path for first responders entering the Village, thus reducing response times.
The 2020 budget included a $5 reduction in monthly resident fees over the previous year. The below chart graphically represents how resident fees are spent.
The upcoming year will feature several significant projects that will further improve the quality of life at Century Village East. We look forward to sharing the details of several of these accomplishments in next year's Annual Report. Here is a short list of some of the more important upcoming initiatives and projects scheduled for 2021.
  • Reconstruction of the Main Guardhouse, the third and final guardhouse capital improvement project.
  • Creating a right turn lane into the East Gate off Military Trail.
  • Final design of the new CVE Central Park. (Construction scheduled to begin in 2022).
  • Building new walking paths alongside CVE roadways.
  • Construction of a new perimeter wall along the community's boundaries.
  • Repair of two land bridges inside the Village.
  • Continued utility box decorative wrapping.
  • Installation of additional lake fountains.