May 2020

In the midst of pandemic, indeed with a vision clarifiedand confirmedby the challenges of pandemic, our congregation took the bold step forward into the future by claiming these two compelling and complementary calls. 
How did we arrive at this point on the journey?

In the summer of 2018, our congregation received an invitation from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary to join the Myrtle Collaboration. What was the Myrtle Collaboration, we, and many in the congregation asked? Myrtle is another name for Queen Esther who accepted the call to step forward and lead her people when they needed her most. The purpose of the Myrtle Collaboration is  an Initiative to Reclaim the Vocation of Every Child of God.



I ’ve been thinking an awful lot about our high school seniors this month.  We’re coming up on the end of the school semester, but anyone who is in high school (or has a high schooler in the family) knows this senior year has been...well, “a little different” would be putting it gently. I’ve been praying this week for students who didn’t realize that the last time they waved goodbye to their friends when the bell ring might be the last time they waved goodbye...well, ever.
 I’ve been praying for seniors who didn’t get to go to prom, who had to miss sports nights, award nights, and even graduation.   I’m just going to say it.  This sucks.


May 3:  Choir Appreciation Day during worship livestream

May 10: Honored Women Presentation during worship livestream

May 24:  Recognition of Sunday School Teachers, High School and College Graduates during worship livestream

Since things are changing daily, even hourly, for the latest information on upcoming ministry events, please check 

The Church Calendar

Visit Our Facebook Page
Contact The Church Office.
After taking a short break for Easter Sunday, we wanted to let you know that Digital Sunday School is back! We want to give a special shout-out to Megan Murray for stepping in as our "guest Sunday School teacher" for the last two Sundays in April.  

We also want to give a very special shout-out to Rhonda, who has been producing AMAZING digital content for the preschool – she just keeps getting better and better! 

A very special thanks to Sarah Miller who helped Pastor Marc coordinate the animated content for our VERY little kids in Sunday School. Please take a moment to check out our cool Digital Sunday School at  

The Bible breakfast will now be held in the fall. All 3 rd , 4 th and 5 th graders, as well as their families, will be invited to this event. 

On May 24, during worship service, we will be recognizing our high school and college graduates as well as our Sunday school teachers. 

We are in “wait and see” mode in regard to VBS and the Youth Mission trip this summer.  

We hope to see you in person soon. Until then, stay home and stay safe. We are thinking of you!

Jenn Walter
Youth Group Online!

Youth Group will be meeting over Zoom on Sundays at 6:30 p.m. in this time of pandemic. Login details will be going out over the weekly youth ministry e-mail blast. If you would like to be added to the weekly youth ministry e-mail, please contact  Pastor Marc  for details.Please take care of yourselves. Stay safe, and stay healthy!

It saddens me to announce that the Christian Cooperative Nursery School and Rainbow Days will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. CCNS has been closed since March 12, 2020. I delivered preschool activity packets to 27 children during the third week of our closure and periodically post Circle Time videos on our CCNS Family Facebook site.

My heart is breaking, knowing all the hard work the children have put into this year and won’t be given the graduation they truly deserve. I am missing all the kids and know that all the children are missing their school and their friends too.

My hope is, that during the summer, we will be able to plan a Park Play Day and recognize the MWF graduates, but also be able to see all our friends and families from CCNS.

Should circumstances change before the end of the school year, CCNS will regroup and possibly offer optional weekly classes for current 2019-2020 families. I’m praying that everyone is staying home and keeping well during these unknown times. 

Sarah Lake  

Tuesday Afternoon Circle .
Tuesday Afternoon Circle will not meet in May. Homework is to study Lesson Eight.
Tuesday Evening Circle
Will not meet.  All stay well


The Birthday Offering is one of Presbyterian Women’s offerings received in the spring each year. It gives women a tangible way to celebrate the blessings in their lives. The Birthday Offering funds up to five projects each year, in amounts of $75,000 to $150,000 each.

Since 1922, the Presbyterian Women’s Birthday Offering has helped fund mission projects that improve lives.

In 2015 the Birthday offering provided a $100,000 grant to the Seventh Presbyterian Church, Barranquilla, Colombia, in partnership with Oxford Presbyterian Church, to improve the facilities and services of the Bethesda Christian Community Center, Barranquilla. 

This year’s Birthday Offering will support a Center for Social Assistance to the Disabled, Family, & Children Assisted Living Facility, in Davydova, Russia, and GAP Ministries in Augusta, GA. We encourage you to mail your Birthday Offering to the church office, 101 N. Main St., Oxford. Make checks payable to Oxford Presbyterian Women. Your generosity is appreciated.

And as long as you’re in the check writing mode

Remember, that even though the spring rummage sale has been canceled 
there is still plenty of time to contribute directly to OPW to support their missions. You can write a check to OPW and send it to the church in care of our Treasurer, Debbie Davidson.  

Thank You!
Sue Wilson and the Rummage Team

REMINDER: The June 6 Ladies Retreat sponsored by Oxford Presbyterian Women has been cancelled. 

IN OUR PRAYERS Keep these friends in your prayers :
Betty Barnhart, Jim Baird, John Curry, Bob Douglass, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Chris & Hank Krueger, Ruth Miller, Jan Reinhart, Becky Rudolph, Sarah Soika, Joan Teckman, Stacey Winn, John & Jean Woodruff. 

The Covid-19 quarantine means Becky will not be showing OPC services at the Knolls, but she will be thinking of you all.  Take care.
The answer to the Question of the Month: “Quick Response.”  The answer to the NEW Question of the Month: charcoal.
A Mini Food Drive

I f you are able, please donate 
·        Peanut butter (medium to large jar)
·       Tuna, 1-2 cans 
·       Toilet paper

TOPSS is in great need of these items. You can either purchase these items or donate what you have at home as long as the expiration dates are in 2020 (or beyond). 

To drop off: 
Date: Thursday, May 7th
Time: 1-3pm 
Place: 400 W. Withrow (behind Mt. Olivet Cemetery)

Just drop off outside your vehicle, wave, and that's it.

i n Oxford, affiliated with the Mission and Outreach Committee of the Oxford Presbyterian Church. We are invested in taking actions small and large to eradicate systemic poverty in our community and beyond, and have started this group as an open space for dialogue about problems, issues, and struggles that people in our region are facing. 

Please post your thoughts, insights, and stories here, and let’s collaborate on facing them together. We welcome participants of all faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders. 

Join in!  In the Facebook search window, type “Common Ground, Oxford.”
Andrew Rice

The church mail is being delivered to a P.O. Box at the Post Office for now and I (Bridgite) pick it up, usually daily, and take it the church for distribution to the appropriate mailbox.

All checks received in the mail are placed in the Financial Secretary mailbox and Nick handles them from there.

The church is currently locked up and there is a posting on the door.
The P.O. Box is a temporary box we have been assigned until we return to normal operations, courtesy of the Post Office, free of charge.

Thanks to Bridgite for this info. (Inquiring minds want to know.)

The April meeting was held as a teleconference. Interesting experience.

Opening message by the Moderator explored operating in this new reality. Generations past have faced uncertainty and found their way through. Know that our Savior is a constant and is there to help us face the unknown.

Worship and Music committee has been very busy adjusting to a social distancing way of keeping OPC relevant and vital in our lives. Pastor Marc will be assuming the responsibility for the Time with Young Disciples during Sunday morning worship. Many thanks to Carol Klumb for her many years of creative and devoted leadership in this role.

Stewardship and Finance reported that the church staff is being paid as per usual. Construction projects will move ahead as planned.

Senior Recognition Sunday and Teacher Appreciation Sunday, both May 24, will be celebrated as scheduled. 
Pastor Marc working on some virtual ways to do this.

Andy Rice, member of Mission and Outreach, has created a Facebook page, “Common Grounds Oxford”
focusing on eradicating systemic poverty.

The OPC congregational proposal was sent to the Myrtle Collaboration office at Louisville Seminary on March 27, 2020. Goals, "Caring for Creation" and "Eradicating Systemic Poverty", and proposed budgets were included. Many thanks to Pat Gifford and John Bailer for their work.

The pastoral staff is actively studying a three-phase plan for opening of the church. They are adhering to the guidance of the city, Butler County Health Department, state and federal mandates in their decision-making. Jenny Bailer will be consulted along the way. Questions can be referred to Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Marc.   
The Committee expressed appreciation and gratitude to the OPC worship team led by Pastors Lawrence and Marc for the wonderful live-stream Sunday services and morning prayer meetings they have produced under extremely difficult circumstances. We believe that the decision to hold worship services that are structured as closely as possible to our "normal" worship experience was exactly the right thing to do.   To this end, the Committee encouraged the pastors to integrate special May events, such as Choir Appreciation Sunday, into the live-streamed services to the extent possible. It is clear that these services are drawing us together at a time when we are apart by necessity.
It is expected that we will be holding live-stream services at least throughout the month of May.  When congregational worship returns to the sanctuary following the pandemic, Pastor Marc will assume primary responsibility for the Time with Young Disciples segment of our worship services. He will be the primary presenter with support from a team of parishioners who bring special talents to the task. We thank Carol Klumb for her leadership in this segment of worship and look forward to her continued role on the team. She will be honored for her years as the Time with Young Disciples leader at a time when we can gather together again as a congregation.

Nick Fears has taken the position of financial secretary on a permanent basis.  He will begin the position of Sexton when the COVID-19 quarantine is lifted.  Take Five: The need at TOPSS and the children’s Backpack program is desperate. S&F encourages our membership to give to them directly or through OPC. Brent Bader and Greg Hughes have represented S&F on the Journey Outward Team. It was decided to dedicate $6,000 per year from the Brill account towards future mission trips to include both adults and youth. The Intergenerational Journey Outward Mission Fund (IJOM Fund) has been created. The Mission and Outreach and the Christian Education committees will oversee this fund. Additional contributions from the membership are joyfully accepted!
Pat Gifford let us know that the Called to Life proposals including eradicating systemic poverty proposals had been submitted to Louisville. We received a letter from TOPSS not to send money but to send food. TOPSS suggested sending money to FRC, Backpack program, Senior Citizens. Mission and Outreach approved $1,500.00 for FRC to help people in need from covid-19 and approved $400.00 for the Backpack program. There had not been much done since the COVID-19 outbreak, but Andy Rice did bring up involving the community and suggested that we start a Facebook page. 
  North Shore has obtained the necessary permitting for the construction of the handicapped-accessible bathroom in the Memorial. Work has commenced and shouldlast four to six weeks. The normal pre-Easter carpet cleaning work for the public areas of the buildings was put on hold because of the upcoming construction, but will be rescheduled as soon as work concludes. The replacement portico lights have arrived, and Robin Smith will be scheduled to do the installation as soon as possible. Work will include an auto-sensor so these lights will come on at dark. Also to be done during this effort, the contractor will be instructed to repair the outside ground lighting and replace the Rose Window light fixture. As soon as the ground fixtures are repaired, the seasonal mulch replacement can take place.   

You may know that the Deacons shop monthly for TOPSS, but did you know they are running out of money because Kroger has stopped its reward card program, which was the primary revenue source for the deacons' food donations?

The Deacons have a SYSTEM for TOPSS shopping? They get the pantry’s order, turn the order over to Kroger, who collects and crates all the items (no plastic bags), and delivers it to TOPSS! The beauty is that since TOPSS is not asking for money, but the actual items, we can turn our order over to Kroger to round up the full requested amount versus our going there as individual shoppers and getting only two of the limited items.

Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy. If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please contact Cornelia Browne, 513-524-7716.

The Senior Center is now picking up prescriptions for senior citizens so that they do not have to leave their homes if they choose. They will need to pay for the prescriptions with cash or credit cards but we can do the rest.

We are also providing seven frozen meals each Friday to anyone 60+. The Council on Aging will pay for these meals during the quarantine for any senior citizen, not just those who are no longer able to drive.  

Lisa Brunckhorst

The prayer line has been in existence for many years as a function of the Board of Deacons.  It is a way of sharing our joys, cares and concerns as a church community.

Requests for prayers are received in a variety of ways: the pastors and/or the church office are contacted; personal requests are made known to the coordinator; prayers offered during worship services are included as are the Congregational Concerns listed in the bulletin each Sunday.  The prayer requests are emailed by the coordinator, to the prayer line on Sundays or Mondays.  If requests are made known during the week they are forwarded when received.

Those participating in the prayer line are both current and former members of OPC.  This is a hands on way that we, as sisters and brothers in Christ, can help one another.
Please consider being a part of this meaningful arm of church life at OPC by joining with others who are praying intentionally. Contact Judy Fisher, 523 3489, for information.

Special music by Kent Peterson, Jeremy and Gretchen Jones, Jon Sanford, Jens Bartel and Maureen Kelly, Spotting a red fox in our backyard, (that is so cool—ed) Beautifully arranged flowers in the chancel by Marge Smith, while reading in the screened- in porch hearing live music from a flute-like instrument playing “Danny Boy,” Hearing the six minute recessional on Easter Sunday of Widor’s, “Toccata,” 

Continued connection with OPC via letter, phone calls, live-streaming, Facebook, and sermons reminding us of God’s Grace, “Hallelujah!”

A QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT FOR ME is doing church with my wonderful friend and neighbor, Ellen ~ sitting six feet apart with masks on.  

I provide the venue, she provides the confection and we worship together, while expressing gratefulness for all those ministering to us, both in front of and behind the scenes.  CAROL SCHABER

Sunshine is not canceled, Spring is not cancelled, Love is not cancelled, Relationships are not cancelled, Reading is not cancelled, Naps are not cancelled, Devotion is not cancelled, Dancing is not cancelled, Imagination is not cancelled, Kindness is not cancelled, Conversations are not cancelled, HOPE is not cancelled.

CANDACE CRIST took pictures (see page 12) on her morning walks. “Someone has been placing those bits of joy (painted rocks) around my neighborhood! Signs of hope and happiness!”

JONI MARCUM reports that “Well, we know our kids love us, and want to make sure we have everything we need, but we had to laugh. Our daughters had all  this  (75 rolls of toilet paper and 165 bottles of water) shipped to us! Morning Sun really isn’t in the middle of nowhere.  See picture on page 12!

We have all been hunkered down in our cottages at the Knolls and my neighbor Angela Davis thought we should not allow Easter to slip by without some sort of observance.  

So, at 11:15 am on Easter morning, most everyone in our neighborhood on Scarlet Oak Circle gathered outdoors wearing our facemasks, standing at least six feet apart, bringing walkers, wheelchairs, and canes if needed.  

The sun burst forth to lift our spirits and we recited a litany together. We waved to each other, though it was hard to tell who was under the facemasks and we retreated back to our homes. This was a truly different observance, but it was good to gather, even at a distance.

In watching the news one night I heard one of the members state, “I am handing out $20 tips like mad to these workers that are risking their lives for us.” 

It gave me the nudge to do the same. So taking all the funds that we would use eating out, I decided to start handing out $20 tips to people who are in service positions who have to work to remain solvent. 

It has been such a remarkable response of gratitude…thanks be to God. 
(Modestly) ANONYMOUS

Another ANONYMOUS reports: I still cannot believe this.This morning I received a call from a staff member of the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio Northern University (my Alma Mater Class of 1954). 

She was checking up to see if I was all right, needed anything, said there were alumni in my area that could help if needed. Talk about far reaching care!  

CAROL KLUMB has been receiving love notes and pictures from the kids in her neighborhood. The paintings of tulips (done with forks - so creative!) came from Claire and Cora to wish me happy Spring. 
Two of the kiddos had written that Jesus loves me and that we're all in this together at the end of my driveway. 
Also, left to me by another kiddo was a rock painted pink with an added smiley face.  So, I know you'll need to edit this down,  but my primary message is that the kiddos in my life have been bringing me extended joy throughout this time.

What is How We Feel?
How We Feel lets you self-report your age, sex, ZIP code, and any health symptoms you experience. It only takes 30 seconds!

Aggregate data is securely shared with select scientists, doctors and public health professionals who are actively working to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

The app doesn't ask you to sign in or share your name, phone number or email address.

The first time you download the app and donate your data with a check-in, we'll donate a meal to people in need through Feeding America—up to 10 million meals.

To read more about this effort go to
Nancy Moeckel
109 Creekside, The Knolls 524-7465 #8

Carol was born in Van Wert County, Ohio, December 10, 1926. Her parents were teachers and farmers. Carol grew up on the farm and considers herself a country-girl. She had an idyllic childhood, growing up working on the farm, tending the 14 cows, a number of chickens and several pigs. 
She had an older brother (Edwin Adam) and a younger sister (Eloise Adam). The family all worked the farm and grew most of their own food. They milked their own cows by hand, but Carol does remember when they got a mechanical milking machine. 
In addition to farming, her mother taught in a one-room schoolhouse while her father taught Vocational Agriculture. Both parents were college graduates. Her father graduated from Ohio State while her mother graduated from Ohio Northern. Her mother stopped teaching when the children arrived and devoted herself to managing the children and the farm.

I thought I would share a link on grief and anxiety during this pandemic that was forwarded to the staff at Edgewood from the head nurse.
From: Mary Shinn  Thank you, Mary (ed)

From the article:
If we can name it, perhaps we can manage it. We turned to David Kessler for ideas on how to do that. Kessler is the world’s foremost expert on grief. Kessler shared his thoughts on why it’s important to acknowledge the grief you may be feeling, how to manage it, and how he believes we will find meaning in it.  To read the full article, search the words “ That discomfort you are feeling is grief.” or click here

We are trying to deliver to everyone, foregoing the choice model for awhile, but are also at the Pantry—all of this happens on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:00-7:00 and on Saturdays from 2:00-4:00. 

Please refer new customers to us—we have been seeing people for one-time service who have come from as far away as Trenton; people really need food. 

We have plenty of financial donations to purchase food—please make monetary donations to the Oxford Senior Center, St. Mary’s Backpack Program, the Open Hands Pantry in McGonigle, or the Family Resource Center. 

We are currently serving 85 families a week, more than we have for awhile, so we are ready to receive donations of food and personal items.  Right now, we could particularly use tuna, peanut butter, canned fruit, spaghetti, toilet paper, shampoo and body wash. 

Food and personal item donations will be received at the Pantry, 400 W. Withrow St., Monday through Saturday from Noon-5:00 pm each day. 

If you’d like to volunteer to date and sort the donations, pack boxes, or deliver boxes to customers, please email me at . (Ann Fuehrer)

Libby and I planted a Nordmann Fir on Arbor Day. It keeps my streak alive. I’ve planted a tree on Arbor Day every year since 1972!  
Dick Munson

See  JONI MARCUM’S comments in God-Moments article for explanation of above image!

CAROL KLUMB’S love notes.
See God-Moments article

See Candace Crist’s share in God-Moments article
CAROL KLUMB’S love notes.
See God-Moments article

Bill Fisher shares photos from Igor Maksakov of materials purchased for the major addition to the First Church in Zlatoust. This is the first step in the church's efforts to grow the church building, coming from the generous gift by an anonymous Oxford Presbyterian Church member.

Stay tuned for more to come. You can tell it's April in the Southern Ural Mountains by how little snow is on the ground.
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Masahiro Hara invented the QR code system in 1994 for the Japanese company Denso. Its purpose was to track vehicles during manufacturing; it was designed to allow high-speed component scanning. What does QR stand for?  SCAN the newsletter to find the answer. SO that  rascal Bridgite beat me to the finish line in the VOICE…. new Q of the M is:  What is black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you are all through with it?

May 4  is Star Wars Day. May the fourth be with you (or if you are a tree hugger, may the forest be with you).

Two Dr. Fauci Facts: Fauci was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1940, and grew up working in his father's pharmacy. He graduated from Cornell University Medical College in 1966. Fauci's research helped pin down our understanding of the way the AIDS virus destroys the body's immune defenses.

Now for something completely different: (and a little less heavy)
I've just been prescribed some anti-gloating cream. I can't wait to rub it in.

I changed my iPod's name to Titanic. It's syncing now.

The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine last week is now fully recovered.
We welcome your feedback on the newsletter. We LOVE your feedback like Minnie loves digging for moles.. What is missing from the newsletter that you would like to see? Is there anything you like about it ? Let me know. Now here is your bonus for reading this section. Helium walks into a bar, The bar tender says “We don’t serve noble gases in here.” Helium doesn’t react.