It has been an interesting couple of months, to say the least.  Social distancing has forced not only Trinity, but all churches to find new and creative ways to stay in touch with each other. This is not such a bad thing. Though I miss seeing each of you in worship and around the church during the week, we are learning how to embrace technology to spread the Gospel and make disciples.  

Here are some improvements we have recently implemented:

1. The ways of giving to the church have grown. Besides mailing in a paper check, you can also give online on the church website or with the GivePlus+ app on your phone. In the days ahead, we hope to add text-to-give and another option!

2. For persons who are shut-in or without computer or wi-fi access, we are close to be being able to provide a special phone number to call and listen to recordings of sermons and announcements.  

3. We are recording then posting our worship videos on YouTube every week. An email with a link to the video is emailed to members and friends early Sunday mornings. Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the video. If you are not getting church emails, please let us know and we will add you to the list.  

4. As most of you know, we have the capability to hold drive-in worship services. We see this not only as a way to transition to meeting in person again in the future, but because people don’t have to get out of their cars it ensures safe distancing for those who are ill or immune-compromised in some way. For those who struggle with stairs, it is much easier to stay in the car. Participants listen to the service on their car radio by tuning into Trinity’s station tuned to FM 88.5.  

5. Making Disciples: Our mission statement at Trinity is, "We are Disciples who Make Disciples Through the Transforming Love of Jesus." Our tool for doing this is called, "Journey Groups." Before the virus came to town and disrupted all our lives, we had planned to kick off our Journey Groups right after Easter. Now we are going to pivot once again and start a few groups on Zoom. Why? People need God, especially in times like this, and people are also craving community. What better time to start intentionally making disciples?!? If you are interested in learning more about this process, reach out to me and give me your best phone number and best email address. We are going to begin organizing groups this week and it’s never too late to check it out.

We are the Exciting Church! God is with us and is moving us forward in ways none of us could have anticipated just a few weeks ago. I am eager to see what God does to build the Kingdom, even in times like these. Let's go make some disciples!

Sermons for May

May 3rd - Eat This Book
Scripture: Ezekiel 3: 1-3

Today we consider the importance of reading scripture. There are two general ways of reading. The first is for knowledge. In this type of reading, we are seeking information. The second is considered spiritual reading. In spiritual reading, we slow down and let the text speak to us. In today's messsage we will explore the ancient practice of Lectio Divina (Latin for sacred reading).

May 10th - Deepening our Intimacy with God
Scripture: Luke 11:1-13

The best way to deepen your intimacy with God is through prayer. We will explore the components of prayer and the example given to us by Jesus at the request of his disciples.

May 17th - Recognizing the Responding to God’s Presence
Scripture: 1 John 1-8, 20-21

Today's message is about discernment. Discernment can be a confusing thing. How do we know what God is asking of us? How can we be certain that we are in the center of God’s will for us? We will look at how to recognize and respond to God’s presence in our lives.

May 24th - Reclaiming Sabbath
Scripture: Mark 2:23-28

Sabbath is an ancient practice given to us by God. It is a time to rest from our labors and to enjoy life, with each other and with God. In our modern-day American workaholic culture, Sabbath is virtually nonexistent. Taking a day of rest might be one of the most counter cultural things we can do, but it is for our health and well-being.

May 31st - A Rule of Life
Scripture: Luke 2:41-52

There is a saying that you should begin with the end in mind. The spiritual life is no different. Do you want to be closer to God? Make a plan to do it! This ancient Benedictine practice is called “The Rule of Life.” Write down what you want to accomplish and put it in a place where you can review it regularly. Today we will look at The Rule of Life and be challenged to write one for ourselves.

2 - David Atchley
3 - Alyssa Brunning
5 - Jan Hevner
5 - Betty Kobler
6 - Carolyn Linder
8 - Jennifer Eunice
10 - Chris Hall
12 - Louise O'Quinn
13 - Anita Campbell
14 - Jeff Bishop
16 - Ann Jenkins
17 - Claire Smith
21 - Jon Robbins
22 - Steve White
25 - George Jenkins
25 - Claud Anna Smith
26 - David Eunice
26 - Patricia Goodreau
27 - Jerry Ferrara
28 - Cindy Fox
28 - Jane Presson
29 - Evelyn Warren
30 - Nancy Beaty
30 - Carol Dill

20 - Jeff & Michele Bishop
  • 25 years

26 - Michael & Gale Gately
  • 36 years

Hi my friends,

We all want to be together and share our love for each other like we have always done on our little corner of the world in Deland, Florida at Trinity. Our “stay in place” orders have altered our physical closeness and affected our emotional connection both positively and negatively. I don’t pretend to know everyone’s feelings and experiences over the last two months. Multiply those apprehensions and fears within each human heart. There are too many to count, trillions upon trillions of them which God alone has the power and capacity to understand and heal.

Psalm 46:10-11 says “Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth".

The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. He is our refuge, our sanctuary, and our safe haven. Place your faith in God. (He can handle it.) Connect with Him, connect with friends and connect with family.

You and I have an opportunity to grow as individuals, as a people, and as a Church. Be kind to yourself and others, allow grace into your heart, take a deep breath, and know He is holding us both in his hands.

Be still …

Your Lay Leader loves you!

For our online worship services, we have been able to provide music using a limited number of people and by recording at different times. Joyce DeLoach has been playing the hymns for the recordings, and she has graciously agreed to fill in until we can find a new organist/keyboardist. I recently contacted the organ professor at Stetson, who will convey our need to his students. Most are finishing the term this week and its unknown how many will return in the fall.

It’s still unclear when we will reopen the church for worship services and what that will look like. For now, we will continue to follow the Bishop’s recommendations for church and worship services, and encourage the use of Zoom to connect with groups in the church. We are hoping to save our Easter Flower order for a time when we can resume worship but will offer refunds to anyone who would like to be reimbursed. Contact the church office to let us know.

It's challenging to try and plan down the road, since we don't know how long the road is, but we are looking at all factors for coming back together in safe ways that will protect all members and staff. We realize that changes will be needed for the future, we are just not sure what all those changes will be. It’s certainly created a challenging environment for us all.

With some great volunteer help (Melanie Bardin!) we are organizing and cleaning up different areas in the church. l have been writing notes every week to different members - to stay connected and offer words of encouragement. I’ve also connected with other Ministers of Music to share ideas and thoughts about the current situation and where we go from here.

I miss my church family terribly and this experience has further solidified the fact that humans are meant to be in community with one another. We can encourage, support, bear one another’s burdens, laugh, cry, pray, sing, worship, and love one another. l look forward to the day and time when l can hug you again and see your smiling face in person.

Conya Hartman, Director

Trinity Youth have been meeting Sunday afternoons on Zoom. We have enjoyed some great conversations and funny stories. We are now working on adding a mid-week "check-in" on Zoom, as well.

On Easter morning, I quietly (but very proudly!) delivered gift boxes to each of our youth. Parents were notified ahead of time and the boxes were dropped off at the front door so the students could find them later. They loved getting the surprise treats! (Some of them caught me, as I was driving off. It was great to see their smiling faces!)

The youth mission trip to North Carolina this summer has been cancelled. We are planning to do something locally, however. Plans for our youth to attend Warren Willis (“church camp”) are on hold until camp officials decide what they will be doing. We will keep you informed as plans unfold.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be held in July, if possible, and the curriculum has been ordered. Seniors in high school and college that are graduating this year will be honored on Sunday, May 17th during the virtual (online) worship service. Students have been asked to send in a short video that we will put together, so members and friends can see their faces and hear their plans for the future – in their own words.

Lori Hansard,
Director of Youth

Hello everyone, we hope and pray that everyone is doing well and staying safe. We also long for the day when we will all be together soon.

We are taking this special time to update all of our computer files and lists. If you did not have your picture taken at the church and, consequently, did not review and update your contact information, please call (386) 734-4425 or email with your updates. We are especially interested in knowing your preferred email address and telephone number, as well as reviewing with you the information we have on you and your family.

Thank you so much for helping us keep your information current. Staying in touch is vitally important to the health of our church and you, our members!

TOT -Trinity Office Team
Debra Wood, Coordinator

Nearly 20% of college students in the United States face food insecurity on a regular basis! 30-40% of college students are first generation college students, meaning they are the first in their families to attend college. These students will face many challenges, including lack of support and financial struggles.

Stetson students are no different! 

Realizing the need, Hatters Helping Hatters Food Pantry was established in 2013 to meet the needs of their community. Now, during this pandemic, many students are stuck on campus without funds, unable to return home, and in need and the food pantry is struggling to meet the needs. We have an opportunity to reach this community, in our own backyard, with the love of Christ!

For our May Give 125 Challenge we will be collecting donations of money and/or any form of non-perishable items, such as food, toiletries, laundry detergent, etc. (see list below) to support the Hatters Helping Hatters Food Pantry.

Through a special offer by Stetson Dining Services, you can donate funds for a student to get two (for-the-price-of-one) meals in the Lynn Commons Dining Hall. The price of one meal is $10.61, plus tax. We will collect all funds then, depending on the amount raised, purchase meal cards to be distributed to students in need through the Hatter Food Pantry.

Please drop off your donated items to the church. A bin will be conveniently placed in the downstairs foyer of the Wisconsin Avenue entrance. Can't or don't want to come in? During office hours (M-F, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.), leave your items outside the door then ring the bell or call the office at 386-734-4425 to let staff know. A T.O.T. volunteer will come down to retrieve your donation.

Remember, you can now make a gift online using the Give Plus+ app, our website, or by mailing a check to the church with Stetson in the memo line.

Please report your acts of service weekly by going to this site: .

The Pantry currently needs spaghetti sauce, canned meat, jelly, black beans, canned fruit and non-perishable items such as those listed here:

NON-PERISHABLE ITEMS (plastic containers are preferred):
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Sunflower seed butter
Jams, including no or low-sugar
Low-sodium canned vegetables and fruits (light syrup or preferably in natural juice)
Low-sodium canned tomatoes, pasta sauce
Low-sodium canned beans
Whole grain pastas
Multigrain cereals, oatmeal, grits, pancake mix
Baking mixes
Instant coffee (as coffee makers are not allowed in the dormitories)
Tortilla chips and salsa
Mixed nuts
Dried fruit
Low-sugar protein bars
Cracker packs

Hand soap
Paper towels
Tissues or Kleenex
Toilet paper
Disinfectant spray and/or wipes
Hygiene items (dental products, soap, body wash, deodorant, lotion, etc.)
Feminine products (pads and tampons)
Laundry detergent
Dishwashing detergent

School supplies (pencils, markers, notebooks, folders with pockets, etc.)
Reusable tote bags
Coloring books and supplies (to assist with stress relief)
Hand towels and wash cloths

With love,
Steve and Debbie Jones

Due to the pandemic, Lifetouch had to stop production of all materials including pictures that we ordered. While some people may have received their pictures, others did not.

There will be a delay on completing our orders until the company is able to reopen. We also have not been able to complete the documentation required for the directory. As soon as we are able to continue the process, we will get that information to them.

Thanks for your understanding.

Steve and Debbie Jones
Dear Trinity Family and Friends,

For Those in Quarantine (from

Holy Spirit, as families adjust to everyone being home and as businesses and schools close, we ask that You guide people in their new realities. Give spouses grace for each other. Prompt worn-out parents to speak words of kindness and encouragement to their children. Help children find creative ways to experience the beauty of all You have created and continue learning. Fill those alone and isolated with Your holy presence and comfort.

Have mercy on us, my God, have mercy on us, for in you we take refuge. We will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the pestilence has passed.

Be in prayer for Pastor Todd’s introduction of “Journey Groups”, designed to help us carry out our Mission Statement. He asks us to pray for God to show us those who do not attend church but may wish to be involved in a Bible study or other interest group. He is using Zoom as a medium to bring us together. Watch for his announcements.

Keep well, keep strong and pray often.

Carolyn Harner, Prayer Team Coordinator

Pastor Todd and staff are using Zoom to conduct online meetings like Lectio Divina (Thursdays from 6-7 p.m.) and Trinity Youth (Sundays from 3-5 p.m.). Ministry teams like Administrative Council and small groups like Susanna Circle are also meeting this way. For information on how to use Zoom to host or attend a meeting, call me and I will be more than happy to assist you!

Anita Campbell, Communications

If your contact information (name, mailing address, telephone number, email address) has changed, please notify the church. You can call the office (386) 734-4425 or send your info to .
Trinity Today, our monthly newsletter, is distributed by email. Current and older issues can be viewed on the church website Printed copies are available for pickup in the Narthex. If you need to have a newsletter mailed to you, call the church office.

Conya Hartman -

Trinity Office Team (TOT) -

Lori Hansard -

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