Nutley Family Service Bureau

Since 1913, Nutley Family Service Bureau’s history has been characterized by responsiveness to community needs. In the twenty-first century, NFSB carries on that tradition. Since the new year, our township has been coping with charged situations which require varied supportive responses on the part of township stakeholders. NFSB recognizes our role in that effort, and has provided diverse support.
NFSB provides an on-site presence at Nutley High School following social media incident.
Teens and Social Media
Nutley Family Service Bureau provided an on-site presence at Nutley High School in an effort to support students and staff with regard to a recent troubling social media incident.

NFSB partnered with superintendent of Nutley Schools, Dr. Glazer, to foster an opportunity for mental health professionals to offer counseling for anyone who may have felt the need to talk about feelings of distress in a safe and guided environment.

We echo the sentiments of town leaders that cultural responsiveness and sensitivity should be part of an ongoing community dialogue.

Raised awareness with regard to the particular dangers of potential social media abuses in teens surely must be part of the dialogue that would benefit an informed and inclusive citizenry. The following article addresses some of the issues that merit consideration.

The IndieFlix Original documentary “LIKE", an exploration of social media's impact on our lives and the related effects on the human brain, is followed by panel discussion.
The Like
The one-hour screening presented by the Nutley Educational Foundation, in partnership with the Nutley Public School District, will be followed by a panel discussion including NFSB Trustee and Nutley PD Detective Sergeant, Mike Padilla, NFSB's Joe Armentano, MSW, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services and Programming and Staela Keegan, MSW, LCSW, LCADC. The film's goal is to motivate self-regulation with respect to social media use. Social platforms are a place to connect, share, and care but is that what's really happening?

Families, educators, students, employees and members of the community at large are invited (appropriate for age 10 years+). K-12 parents and students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to attend. Tuesday, February 4th at 6:30pm in the Nutley High School auditorium.

Following a fatal house fire, Nutley Family Service Bureau opened its doors to offer free counseling sessions to the community at large.
In times of traumatic loss, there is a need to process the effects of such devastating events at emotional and psychological levels. To promote coping and facilitate healing surrounding the tragic incident, Nutley Family Service Bureau clinicians offered free individual and group counseling to the community.

Reflections Toward Healing
A Statement by Joe Armentano, MSW, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services and Programming

In a week of reflection, the staff and teachers gathered in sorrow to remember the loss of a young student in a tragic house fire who attended their school. Staela Keegan, LCSW, LCADC and I joined them to lend support, and to facilitate emotional space for expression of their feelings. On this solemn occasion, my fellow clinicians and I are reminded of the privilege it is to shepherd emotional reflection toward healing.

Toward that end, it is important to remember the particular difficulties that children who are coping with traumatic loss may be experiencing. Dr. Glazer, Superintendent of the Nutley School system, disseminated a guide for families to navigate through the emotional trying times. In the wake of a traumatic event, you may be filled with worry or sadness. Yet no matter how concerned or overwhelmed you may feel, as parents and teachers you have the power to help children recover. Your comfort, support and reassurance can make them feel safe and secure, guide them through their fears and grief, and prevent them from suffering lasting psychological effects.

Nutley Family Service Bureau says a fond goodbye to Felicia Gardner, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor & Therapist.
Felicia Gardner
Felicia started at NFSB as Executive Director in 2011, and went on to serve as the Bureau's first Director of Clinical Services and Programming, from 2016 through mid-2019. She continued as a clinician into 2020, and provided invaluable direction in building a sound and successful mental health center.

Felicia says, "It is with the utmost gratitude and love that I send this message of support and friendship as I finally take my leave from my role as clinician/supervisor and from my 8 and 1/2 years of exciting, meaningful employment at NFSB. I am humbled by the faith you have shown in my social work skills, graced by God with the ability to manage staff and direct operations in the roles I've performed prior to this final one and, mostly, impressed and awed by the devotion of this board and staff and all its incarnations these past years."

Felicia leaves her mark as both administrator and clinician. Her mentorship was instrumental in growing the NFSB student internship program, instituting acceptance of commercial and Medicaid insurances and embracing a Family Therapy psychotherapeutic model. The NFSB Board of Trustees, staff, and clients are thankful for her years of dedicated service and wish her well in all future endeavors.
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