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2020 Oklahoma Statewide Autism
Conference Update And Survey
The Oklahoma Autism Network has coordinated the Oklahoma Statewide Autism Conference for the past eleven years, creating the opportunity for over 250 local, national, and international experts to share their knowledge and help us build the capacity of individuals with ASD, families and the professionals who serve them. We plan to continue this tradition. 

As our country continues to struggle with issues related to Covid-19, we have come to the difficult decision to move our statewide autism conference to the Spring of 2021, with the possibility of a shorter training in the fall. Converting our platform into a virtual conference will take time as we continue to strive to offer the best possible information to families, professionals, and individuals. We will continue to provide updates as we finalize dates, the format, and the agenda. We would love to hear from you as we make decisions to move forward in our planning.

Please consider taking a brief survey to better inform us on CEU needs, conference duration, and format.

Feedback Requested On Our New
Navigating Autism Section
Now that we have introduced you to our new Navigating Autism section, we would love to get feedback from you. There are sections that include webinars and toolkits to help you navigate through your autism journey whether you are a parent, an individual, or a professional. If you have accessed the webinar(s) and /or the toolkit(s), we would like to hear about your experience. We are constantly striving to make our website user friendly and informative. If there are changes we can make to improve access, we are more than willing to make that happen.

Email us at : okautism@ouhsc.edu
Learn About ABLE Accounts!
Below is a great article about STABLE accounts from Disability Scoop that addresses stimulus checks and their impact on disability benefits.

Millions of Americans are receiving a stimulus payment from the federal government. For individuals with disabilities, this payment may count as an asset and reduce means-tested benefits unless it is spent or put into an ABLE savings account within 12 months from receipt.
ABLE-eligible individuals may want to consider saving all or a portion of their payment in a tax-advantaged ABLEnow account. If funds aren't needed immediately, the stimulus is an opportunity to build an emergency fund, invest for the future, and have money available on your ABLEnow Card when you need it most.
ABLEnow accounts:
  • Do not affect eligibility for most benefit programs, such as Medicaid and SSI. Are tax-advantaged, so earnings grow tax free.
  • Can accept contributions from anyone: the account owner, family and friends.
Are available to eligible individuals in all 50 states.
In this time of uncertainty, funds in an ABLEnow account can provide financial peace of mind. Open and manage an ABLEnow account online from the comfort of home today.
To learn more:
www.able-now.com or call 1-844-NOW-ABLE
Stay safe and healthy!
The Oklahoma Autism Network Team