NC Cooperative Extension, Watauga county center
2020 Pesticide Applicators and Landscape Contractors Recertification Classes

Save the Date:
Thursday Oct. 15th 2020
Professional Landscape Day
  • 7 hours of landscape contractors continuing education credits including 2 business credits, this will satisfy the 2020-2021 cycle credits
  • 3 pesticide applicators recertification credits along with 2 arborist credits will also be available.
  • Vendors, lunch, hands on demonstration

March 17 
3:00-5:00 same class repeats from 5:30-7:30
2 Hours V Credit Private applicator 
Watauga County Agriculture Conference Center 
252 Poplar Grove Rd. B oone 

Private Applicator V Training
Will only be offered on 2 dates in Watauga County this season!

Instructor:  Eddy Labus, Livestock Agent and Pesticide Coordinator

March 26th 5:30-7:30 p.m. 
2 hours credit L,N,O,D, X

Watauga County Agriculture Conference Center 
252 Poplar Grove Rd. Boone 
  Root Rot Diseases in Landscapes, Christmas Trees and other Crops
Learn how to identify symptoms, strategies for prevention and chemical and cultural management strategies

Instructor:  Paige Patterson, Horticulture Agent

Thursday April 2nd
1:00-3:00 pm
2 hours Pesticide Applicator Credits H,G,L,N,O,D, 
2 hours X (Private Applicators)

Watauga Agriculture Conference Center
252 Poplar Grove Rd.
Managing Invasive Plants of Landscapes, Forests, and Pastures

There is a hands on continuation of the class from 3:00-4:30 

Event sponsored by the High Country Habitat Restoration Coalition: a group that has formed to educate the public about invasive species and work to find funding and organize events to fight invasive plants in the high country.  Members include: Watauga Cooperative Extension, Blue Ridge RC and D, Blue Ridge Conservancy, New River Conservancy, Mountain True, Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation, NC Forest Service, Shetterly Conservation Consulting and others.   

June 4th, 5:30-7:30
2 hours credit L,N,D,X

Watauga County Agriculture Conference Center 
252 Poplar Grove Rd. Boone 

Preventing and Managing Summer Pests in the Landscape
Come learn to identify symptoms, identify insects, and understand cultural and chemical treatments for insects that will likely show up in landscapes this summer.  Part classroom, part hands on activity with samples.

Instructor:  Paige Patterson, Horticulture Agent

August 18th 2020

252 Poplar Grove Rd.

3:00-5:00pm:  2 hours V training for Private Applicators  (2 needed per year)
5:30-7:30pm:  2 credits L,N,O,D, Private applicator X (2 needed each year)

Instructor:  Eddy Labus, Livestock Agent

Only event that requires registration is the Professional Landscape Day in October.  For questions call the Watauga Extension Service Office at 828-264-3061 or email

Watauga Cooperative Extension Service
971 W. King St. Boone NC 28607