Popcorn Prizes Order Due Friday November 13
including patches, $750 Bonus, Sell More Earn more and Prize program
To Order all prizes please follow these instructions:

Due: No later than November 13, but you can enter your order now as all prizes wrapped up October 16. 

Log into: www:kellerprizeprogram.com
Click on the Order tab at the top of the page

Council Code: 620GEC
Unit Type and Number
Total dollar amount of your sale: Show & Sell, Take order & Online as of October 16
Number of Scouts that sold

You will need to know how many of each item you need: 
Popcorn patches
Military/American Hero's patches
$750 Seller prizes
Sell More Earn More prizes needed
Prize program - how many of item item you need

Unit Contact
Shipping address
Phone number

Prize related questions: GCC/Keller Marketing (888) 351-8000
Popcorn Payment Due Friday November 13
Popcorn payments are due Friday November by 5 pm. You can pay at the Madison Service Center daily from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also mail it into: 

Glacier's Edge Council
P.O. Box 14135
Madison, Wi 53708-0135 
 Selling Popcorn Online Direct 
Through the end of the year.
We are happy to announce that you will be able to sell through Online Direct through the end of the year. All take order sales and prize program ends on October 14. 

Check out the Holiday items available through the online direct sale. Your unit kernel and your Scout should have received an email tell them about this limited time product so that they can promote it with their customers. 

NEW INCENTIVE: Online sales Scout incentive for November 1 to the end of the year:

Friday November 20
Friday December 4
Friday December 18

For every 10 sales online the Scout will have their name put into a drawing for a $50 Gift Card to the Scout Shop. They will be able to purchase anything in the Madison Scout shop or the Janesville Scout shop. 

We have been hearing lots of tips for online selling. Make a video and email or text it to family and friends with your Scout's code. Post on Facebook but tag specific people asking them to make a purchase.  
Official Glacier's Edge Popcorn Website
Be sure to bookmark our popcorn website.  This is the home of all popcorn information you will need to have a successful sale! 
Popcorn Sale Contacts
Council Popcorn Kernel
Lisa Legge
Area DirectorMarvin Smith
Council Staff AdvisorMargaret Williams608-235-0536Margaret.Williams@Scouting.org

Trail's End Specialist
Sondra Wendt
Indian Trails Kernel
Chris Courtney
Indian Trails
Andrew Olsen
Mohawk Kernel
Matt Rameker
Mohawk DD
Margaret Williams
Wisconsin River Kernel
Ann Goff
608 381-1157
Wisconsin River DE
Lacey O'Rourke
Yahara Kernel
Yahara DE
Oliver Dupree

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