Dear generative somatics (gs) community, 

This summer was the hottest on record. Our children are in cages. White nationalism, foundational to our society, has now been fueled from the highest levels of government for three long years. People of color who stand up to power - in the streets and in Congress - are being violently targeted. 

Movement leaders and organizations are doing what they need to do to be politically powerful and ready for 2020. It is important that our movements stay united as a front as we face into the increased pressures of the climate crisis, the rise of global fascism, white nationalism, and intensifying political repression. We must stay connected, interdependent, and lift one another up in dignified ways. But, we are not immune to the impacts of our conditions. Many of us are tired, despairing, and angry, and can unintentionally turn on each other. 

gs's contribution to movements is transformative, embodied leadership development. Our programs build skills that we all need - mutual dignity, connectivity, returning to purpose and taking powerful action even when pressures increase, and more. 

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When comparing current conditions to historical ones, many movement elders say that they've never seen things this bad. New skills are necessary and we need to build them together to confront the challenges of our times.  What kind of leaders do we need to be in order to build organizations that can face into these conditions? How can we build movements that are not just shaped by our conditions, but can also "shape back"?

This past year, gs developed clarity about how we want to grow our offer. We're not just growing to get bigger. We're growing to have more impact in movements fighting for freedom from political repression and state violence, and for climate and environmental justice. To that end, gs 2020 programs represent our commitment to a growing, strategic, and sustainable impact. 

Consider applying to a 2020 gs programPass on opportunities to people on the frontlines of movements. We'll be sending out more about our 2020 programs later this Fall. Be a part of this work, by making a  donation.

Thank you!
Chris, Mahfam, and Yashna
Chris Lymbertos, Program Director
Mahfam Malek, Program Manager
Yashna Padamsee, Program Manager
PS. We're growing our staff program team! Consider applying or help us find a superstar Program Coordinator who can help produce courses, Movement Partner sessions, and other programs.  

gs is committed to economic justice and to challenging white supremacy, capitalism, ableism and all systems of oppression in every aspect of our work. As part of that, we have a commitment to making our programs accessible and affordable to poor and working class people and people of color who are on the frontlines of social and environmental justice movements. 

We are committed to making sure that money is not a barrier to participation. Please find more information about our updated sliding scale course fee structure here