Whiskey Lottery
January 17th - February 13th

We're thrilled to offer you another chance at rare whiskey!
In case you missed our fall lottery, here's how it works:

Every $30 of Spirits Purchased (pre-tax, exclusive of Joy Barrel Select of Breckenridge Bourbon and Laws 4 Grain) = 1 Entry.

Every Joy Barrel Select of Breckenridge Bourbon = 3 Entries

Every Joy Barrel Select of Laws 4 Grain = 4 Entries

If your entry is chosen, you earn the right to purchase the designated bottle of this rare whiskey.

Ask a Joy staff member for an entry ticket and your receipt copy.
Fill out the entry ticket with your Name, Phone Number and Email.
Please write legibly: If we can't read your handwriting, then we can't contact you if you win!

Place the entry ticket(s) in the box of your choice. Winners will be contacted on the morning of February 14th. Bottles will be held for 4 days without payment before moving on to the second pick.

Bonus Entries:
The dollar value of Law's Barrel Select or Breckenridge Barrel Select, purchase will count toward additional entry tickets when purchase concurrently with minimum $30 spirit purchase.

For example: If you purchase a Law's Barrel Select (4 Entries) + $30 in other Spirits (1 Entry) we will count the value of the Law's Barrel ($67.99 Regular Price) towards the total receipt (additional 2 Entries) totaling 7 entries.
Elijah Craig 18yr

Purchase Price: $129.99
Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye 2017 Release
Purchase Price: $109.99

Michter's 10 Year Bourbon
Purchase Price: $124.99
Woodford Reserve Master's Collection
Chocolate Malted Rye
Purchase Price: $129.99
Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon
Purchase Price: $249.99
That's Not All!
During the lottery we will be selecting a few bottles to be released via our Instagram. To make it fair for everyone, we will be running a contest where the winners will be selected randomly. Winners will be able to purchase the bottles at regular retail price