The Coronavirus has impacted everyone in some way and the security industry business world has tried to adjust on the fly. A wise man knows that wherever there is a problem, there is also an opportunity for someone. This opportunity presents itself through innovations in products and services that will help to protect, alert or make people safer. The security industry is putting itself in a position to make a difference with some of the need-based innovations and improvements listed below:
Thermal Cameras for Detecting Fever
Some of the leading video camera manufacturers are working hard to perfect reliable fever detection cameras. To date, they've received less than favorable results on accuracy testing (IPVM May 2020) where several top thermal cameras were field tested and failed to show consistent examples of elevated skin temperature unless the environment was properly controlled. This is not stopping huge market demand for such cameras, as the markets are expecting billions in revenue and fever detection to be the fastest growing market segment.

If your curiosity is piqued and you just need to read more, take a look at one manufacturers product sheet.

No Face Mask Detection
Cameras today do have the ability to reinforce face mask policies and automate monitoring and detection of people not wearing face masks. Avigilon offers a few models that are complete with alarms to proactively flag violations in real time.

Frictionless Parking
This is one of the hottest trends in parking today. By combining several different technologies to offer a completely hands-free experience, parking space property owners are providing a much better parking experience.

License Plate Recognition of one of the hands-free technologies available today. LPR readers are cameras that read a vehicles license plate tag and eliminate the need to physically touch anything.You can also book parking reservations online and then scan or present your smartphone for entry into parking lots and garages.