Go Team South East! Monthly Update
2020 Saskatchewan Summer Games
July 26 - August 1, 2020
South East Sport, Culture & Recreation District has developed this news flash to inform schools and families about the upcoming 2020 Saskatchewan Summer Games which will take place in  Lloydminster from July 26 - August 1, 2020!

We ask that you forward this communication to your school families, the school community council or anyone in your community who may benefit from the information! Our job is to assist in promoting the Games, so we will be distributing this update as information and news are available leading up to the games.

What is the Saskatchewan Games?
The Saskatchewan Games are the province's largest amateur multi-sporting event attracting over 2000 participants and approximately 5000 combined spectators, officials and media.The week-long event focuses on providing a highly competitive atmosphere for the province's young athletes as they prepare to advance to a higher level of competition.
Compete for Team South East
Who can compete?
Learn more about the events, age classifications and team sizes by clicking the link below. Every sport in the Games has a specific age, so check out which sport you qualify for! Tryouts will be announced in the New Year, so keep checking our website for more updates!
Coach/Manage for Team South East
Currently, the Provincial Sport Governing Bodies (PSGBs) are seeking coaches and managers for Team South East. Check out these leadership opportunities!
Athletics - December 17, 2019
Basketball (M & F) - December 15, 2019
Soccer (M & F) - January 1, 2020
Swimming Special Olympics - January 16, 2020
Volleyball (M & F) - January 10, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Games
I am interested in participating as an athlete - how do I try out?
The first step is to check out the sports that are included in the Games. Then ensure you fit within the selected age category for that sport. (sport calendar and age classification list are on our website at www.southeastdistrict.ca). Keep an eye out for an announcement on a try-out date. You may want to contact the Provincial Sport Governing Body to find out what month they anticipate holding try-outs! 

What can I expect at the Games?
You can expect an awesome time! You will meet other youth who are passionate about sport and you will compete against some of the top athletes in the province!
For more information, contact:
Tara-Leigh Heslip at cdc@southeastdistrict.ca,
Joni Hagen at ed@southeastdistrict.ca,
or visit www.southeastdistrict.ca.