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I T ' S

My family has enjoyed this simple, sweet, classic poppy seed pound cake for years! 
It's easy to make and is full of fresh and bright lemon flavor with poppy seeds scattered throughout! 

-1 package Duncan Hines butter cake mix
-1/2 cup sugar 
-3/4 cup oil 
-4 eggs
-2Tbs poppy seeds
-1 cup sour cream 

-Beat cake mix, sugar, and oil for 4 minutes (medium speed).

-Add eggs, one at a time. 

-Add seeds and sour cream by hand. 

-Spray bundt pan with oil and coat, lightly, with sugar. 

-Add batter.

-Bake 350 degrees for 45 minutes. 

-Optional: Drizzle frosting of fresh squeezed lemon juice and powdered sugar that has been heated on stove. 

S P R I N G 


My desire is for your home to reflect a space you choose to be, not where your are forced to be. A place of comfort and reflection. 
Clean and less clutter is a great place to start!

L E T ' S
S O C I A L!

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Winter is already on its way out? Say it ain't so?! Spring has sprung and we could not be happier! You may be getting sick of all of this rain but don't forget...April showers bring May flowers...and washes away the pollen!  :)

The comfort of your home has never been more important while we have all been requested to socially distance ourselves and stay inside for a while. Is your home comfortable? Does it meet your families needs? Does your decor wrap its arms around you and reflect your personality? If no, then we are here to help! Our design strategy is creating "beautifully-functional-designs". Of course, we want your home to be beautiful. But making sure it's functional and comfortable to support the needs of your day-to-day lives is just as important.   

Does your kitchen provide the ability to entertain your family and friends? Does your family room invite everyone to sit and hang for a while? Do you have a great reading nook or place to play games? These are the functions we help create for our clients and their special families.. 

I hope everyone is using this time wisely to get rid of the Winter blahs and do a little Spring cleaning, fluffing your home in pastel colors and bringing out your fun Spring recipes. Check out the "Spring Cleaning" and "It's Personal" section of this newsletter for cleaning tips and for my yummy Poppy Seed Pound Cake that is always a crowd favorite..but not too big of a crowd!

Bring on the sunshine and stay healthy!

Forever Grateful,
Kat Nelson

W H A T ' S  H O T ?

C O L O R F U L  A B S T R A C T  A R T

One of our favorite ways to bring in color is colorful art...duh! There's nothing that livens up a space quite like a beautiful, yet personalized, piece of art. This keeps your space unique and fun! 

W H A T ' S  N O T ?

T O O  M U C H  G R A Y


After a long run, gray is starting to fade... and color is everywhere! Of course, gray is an awesome neutral that will forever be used, however, these gray-on-gray interiors are definitely on their way out. Your home should be beautiful, warm and fun and using gray only isn't going to help this case!

F E A T U R E D  P R O J E C T

This show-stopping space was the perfect lady layered condo located in downtown Atlanta.  Our beautiful girl- boss client desired a chic, girly home where we used many layered pieces including pink, alabaster, linen, velvet's, marble, mixed metals, sea grass to create this unique space with tons of personality. No matchy-matchy here!

 This space started with a neutral pallet on the walls, vintage rugs, + fabrics and we brought in color with artwork + pillows. It is important to never skimp on lighting! This is the 'jewelry' of the room and always completes the space, especially this one! Cheap lighting looks like cheap lighting!

It is always good to bring in the old and the new, which is what we did here. If you buy all of your pieces from one source, the space may seem... boring. Having a variety of pieces gives the room depth and interest!