Dear Friends of MAG,

We wanted to share with you the theme for our 2020 Spring Exhibition entitled "OUT OF THE WOODS: Mammals, Memories and Mud,"  featuring six of our gifted clay artists. 

Mark your calendars and join us for our May 1st opening reception from 5-9PM, the night of the Traverse City Downtown Art Walk.

In the meantime, please come in and enjoy the many new works in the gallery. See a small selection below

Our very best to you,

Sue Ann, Margaret and Dea

spring show

Eccentric Circles Quad 1 & 2
handmade pigmented paper pulp
47"h x 47"w each
Pat Custer Denison
*See the artist's paper making process at the end of our newsletter
Golden Speckled Fish
found object sculpture
27"h x 68"w
Ritch Branstrom
art display

Eccentric Circles Trio 1, 2 & 3
handmade pigmented paper pulp 
67"h x 28"w
Pat Custer Denison
eccentric circles

Snowy, Snowy Owls 1 & 2
handmade pigmented paper pulp
33"h x 60"w each
Pat Custer Denison
snowy owls

snowy owls

Ohm'ar, Meditating Bear
stoneware, stained & glazed
27"h x 19"w x 18"d
Leanne Schnepp
meditating bear

The Coming Storm
acrylic on board
35"h  x 30"w
Nancy Adams Nash
coming storm

A Fine Evening
Acrylic/Fabric/Mixed Media/Beeswax Finish
40.5"h x 30"w
Laurie Meseroll

Tonight We Celebrate II
40.5"h x 30"w
Laurie Meseroll
a fine evening

Mary's Pride
Mixed Media
12"h x 41"w
Edith Pair
marys pride

Pot Heads
graduated sizes: lg. 7"h x 4.5"w x 4.5"d
Cheryl English
pot heads

Freesian Freedom
30"h x 24"w w/ frame
Chandra Jennings
freesian freedom

Bike Pedal Bird
clay & found object assemblage
10"h x 3.5"w x 4"d
Michelle Tock York
bike pedal bird

Curled Birch Vases
terra sigillata ceramics
11"h to 18"h
Kristine Stewart
birch vases

Turtle Design Vase
wax resist painting/raku fired clay
various sizes
Dale & Pamela Simmons
turtle vase

Lake Michigan...Petoskey Big'n II
regional photography
20"h x 16"w or 28"h x 22"w
Ken Scott

Port Oneida
oil on canvas
48"h x 38"w with frame
Carla Sutton
port oneida

Tough Day Mom? 
(commissions available of your pup/s)
wire armature/laminated paper
11"h x 11"w
Steve Wirtz
tough day mom

30"h x 24"w 
Linda Chamberlain

oil pastel/paint/paperclay
25"h x 32"w
Margaret White

Arms Up
recycled metals
33"h x 11"w
Scott Randolph
arms up

Elmer Hare
clay/mixed media
22.5"h x 15"w x 13"d
Julie Kradel
elmer hare
Architectural Squares
architectural assemblages
12"h x 12"w
Larry Fox
architectural squares
*Pat Custer Denison's Paper Making Process:
Making Paper Pulp Paintings
"The process involved shredding old art previously done on good quality rag paper, shredded in a paper shredder. The shreds were soaked in water for several days then pulped in a very sturdy home blender. I used about 6 cups of water to a loose cup of soaked shredded paper. Some of the batches were sorted by color to make very rich tints.

The pulp was put on a mesh screen on a wooden frame. The colors and design were painted on (think painting with globs of a very cottage cheese like product.) The water was forced out by hand and a roller. I then further pressed the water out by running the sheet through my etching press.

This was all very very messy and labor intensive. The paper sheets had to be placed between felt and stacked to dry. The paper stacks were stacked and re-stacked to get them to continue drying. Before the sheets finally dry the paper is very fragile (like wet paper toweling.)" Pat Custer Denison