MHA AZ September Newsletter

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For the 6th year in a row,  Mental Health America  has released the 

The report ranks all 50 states and DC based on several mental health and access measures. 

Data includes: prevalence of mental health and substance abuse issues, access to care, insurance coverage, and current barriers to care across the country. 
September Articles

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Get Ready for Mental Illness Awareness Week!
Mental Illness Awareness Week takes place from October 6-12th, 2019.

This year, October 10th is World Mental Health Day  
and   National Depression Screening Day.

Many people do not seek treatment in the early stages of mental illnesses because they don't recognize the symptoms. During Mental Illness Awareness Week, MHA will focus on sharing information about 7 major mental health conditions:
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression (On October 10 to coincide with World Mental Health Day and National Depression Screening Day)
  • PTSD
  • Addiction/Substance Use Disorder

Each condition coincides with a free screening tool MHA offers. Taking a mental health screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Screening helps catch problems early -  B4Stage4 .  

A screening only takes a few minutes, and after you are finished you will be given information about the next steps you should take based on the results. A screening is not a diagnosis, but it can be a helpful tool for starting a conversation with your doctor or a loved one about your mental health. Screening for mental health conditions should be just as normal as screening for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic health condition.
Arizona Coalition for Insurance Parity
Call for Mental Health Stories

Have you or someone you know been denied coverage for mental health or substance use disorder treatment in the state of Arizona? If so, the Arizona Coalition for Insurance Parity wants to hear from you and/or the patients you serve.  

Please fill out this survey if you, or someone you know, has been unable to access needed behavioral health services or had a claim denied for mental health and/or substance use disorder treatment. 

The information you provide will help us to shape public policy and influence legislation in order to move us towards full parity implementation and mental health equity.

By completing this survey you are acknowledging that your information is being collected to help understand the current trends and circumstances surrounding mental health and substance use disorder treatment claim denials in Arizona.
What is a Peer?
In behavioral health, a peer is usually used to refer to someone who shares the experience of living with a psychiatric disorder and/or addiction. Put simply, a peer is a person we identify with in some capacity.

Peer support is the process of giving and receiving encouragement and assistance to achieve long-term recovery. Peer supporters offer emotional support, share knowledge, teach skills, provide practical assistance, and connect people with resources, opportunities, communities of support, and other people.

The concept of “peer support” in mental health has its roots in the self-help movement that began in the 1970s. During a time of intense focus on civil rights and social change, people who had survived the abuses of psychiatric hospitals came together to support each other and work towards healing.
Community Events and Trainings
Celebrate the Art of Recovery Expo: Breaking Down Barriers
September 28, 2019
Phoenix Convention Center, North Building, Phoenix
Building Your Activist Toolkit Toward Mental Health
October 4, 2019
12pm - 2pm
University of Arizona, Tucson
Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council: 10th Anniversary
October 4, 2019
10:30am - 2:30pm
Ability360 Conference Center, Phoenix
Out of the Darkness Flagstaff Walk
October 5, 2019
Buffalo Park, Flagstaff
Adult Mental Health First Aid
October 9, 2019
Steward Health Choice Arizona, Flagstaff
6th Annual Arizona Health Equity Conference
October 10, 2019
8am - 4:30pm
Desert Willow Conference Center, Phoenix
National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar and Camp
October 11-14th, 2019
BLOOM365 Teen Dating Violence Prevention 7-Dose Experience (Ages 13+)
October 12, 2019
9am - 5pm
19th Ave and Northern, Phoenix
Mental Health First Aid
October 18, 2019
9am - 5pm
Interfaith Community Services, Tucson
 BAT Stroll for Mental Health, NAMI
October 19, 2019
Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix
Out of the Darkness Southern AZ Walk
October 19, 2019
Reid Park, Tucson
Youth Mental Health First Aid
October 22, 2019
Sahuarita Unified School District, Tucson
Arizona Suicide Prevention Coalition Hope Conference
October 23-25, 2019
Black Canyon Conference Center, Phoenix
Healing Heroes - A Wellness Seminar for First Responders
October 26, 2019
Hunkapi Farm, Scottsdale
Your Voice Matters: Training for Self Advocacy with Arizona Legislators
November 4, 2019
8:30am - 11:30am
St. Joe's Medical Center, Phoenix
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