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Photo by Gray Malin
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I T ' S

- 2 1/2 cups strawberries, quartered
- 2/3 cup mint leaves
- 3 Tablespoons  sugar
- 1 lemon, juiced
- 2 bottles rosé
- 1/2 cup club soda

Just toss them together in a pitcher, mix it up, let it sit so all the flavors meld together into sangria perfection and BAM!  Summer perfected.   

B U S I N E S S 
Alpharetta Dog Walk

Alpharetta Dog Sitting/Walking LLC is owned and operated by Windward resident, Barb Oswald. After 21 years, Barb retired from her role as a federal probation officer with the Northern District of Georgia. She became an empty nester and quickly realized you can only play so much tennis, so she came up with Alpharetta Dog Sitting/Walking as a way to stay busy. 

She now has two other team members to help with the dog days of summer. Alpharetta Dog Walk handles it all: midday breaks, walks, overnight stays, and yes, they do cat sitting as well. They are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

 Refer to Kat Nelson Designs when making your reservation at 404-326-3041 and you will receive $5.00 off a one-time walk, or 10% off a scheduled trip of 3 days or more.

L E T ' S
S O C I A L!

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S W E E T  S U M M E R T I M E

I think we all can agree that this has been the longest, yet shortest, year ever thus far! We've had lots of home time, huh?! I've been organizing, unboxing boxes from our move 2 years ago, creating business plans, and even grew my own herb garden with the extra time I had which I used in the sangria recipe in the "It's Personal" section of this newsletter! A must try... 
With all of us working and living more at home, we are discovering where our homes "love us well" and their deficiencies. 
I hope your homes have been functional and serving your family well... that's what we strive for at Kat Nelson Designs! 

"Stay-at-home" orders have proved to be challenging compared to working with our clients directly. We have had to get creative explaining finishes and textiles with our own words over facetime and email opposed to having our clients see, touch, and feel! We're very excited to start meeting with our clients face-to-face again.The industry has been through a whirlwind! With everything going on it was amazing to see different brands and vendors redirecting their hard work to making masks for essential workers. That being said, there have been delays with everything! Many manufacturers are still not at full production but it seems that stuff is starting to get back on track. It's proved challenging to meet deadlines...we are excited to see movement toward getting back on track though. 

The studio for Kat Nelson Designs is in my personal home so I thought it would be fun to show my house in the "Featured Project" section of this newsletter. See below!  

We're back to work now! Bring on the sunshine and stay healthy!

Forever Grateful,
Kat Nelson

W H A T ' S  H O T ?

L A Y E R I N G  O L D  A N D  N E W

 Design is being taken to the next level with mixing and matching the old and new. This style adds personalized character to every space! It gives our clients a chance to use antique pieces that have a meaning, while incorporating it with a fresh and new ideas.

To see more of this project  click here!

W H A T ' S  N O T ?

M O N O C H R O M A T I C  P A L L E T T E S


People aren't playing it safe with one color pallet anymore! Bolder interiors are in! Of course, it's all personal preference but sticking with just one color pallet seems to be on its way out. Keep an eye out for layered neutrals from ivorys to caramels to blacks along with other colorful pallets! 

F E A T U R E D  P R O J E C T

A sneak peak at my personal home! 


We bought this home and renovated it for 2 months before moving in.There are many things we edited over the last 2 years including: removing and adding walls, new flooring, new paint, new lighting, and the list goes on and on...I wanted to make this house our home. It's eclectic, quirky, not too serious, inviting, and most importantly...highly functional! We are truly enjoying all the rooms in our home... except the kitchen. The design is ready - but for now COVID19, economy and a daughters engagement ha s taken priority! We are excited about our home and appreciate the opportunity to share it with you! 

The breakfast room serves all our meals! The previous dining room in the house will become part of the new kitchen. This is 72" custom made round table with a lazy susan that seats 6-8 comfortably. The best part about it? The washable slip cushions!!!  

The 2 story family room hosts an extra large sofa with 2 chaises on each end, a cluster of tables for high function, and a wet bar for entertaining guests. I walk the talk by using performance fabrics. You can see that our sectional is white. With two dogs who love to cuddle on it you'd think that'd be a big no no! Luckily with performance fabrics we are able to unzip the cushions, throw them in the wash, then put them back and it looks brand new!

I'm in love with our powder room! We took out the short cabinetry and mirrored wall. I designed the custom vanity, added a vessel sink, and moved the faucets to the wall. But the wall paper and sconces are what makes this space so adorable! 

For the foyer, I wanted to simplify it. Generally my foyers are quiet allowing the other rooms to shine. I painted everything the same color (walls, trim, and handrails), installed a textured grass runner, and a collection of real botanicals up the walls. I love to have a foyer table with a live plant and a constantly lit table lamp that says "welcome" when you walk through the door.

Our once unused home office became worn in with my husband being forced to work from home. It served him well and is a fun space to work! 

Ok - so this room typically gets the most comments. It's out there, but gives a nod to a speak easy. FIVE chandeliers were installed to create some drama, accented with some fun art, layered mirrors, velvet drapes and a nubby rug.  It's the perfect space to have pre-dinner cocktails with friends in those caramel swivel leather chairs.  

Our guest rooms are always ready to welcome out of town guests - or local adult daughters that come to hang for a night! 

Most of our terrace level is dedicated to Kat Nelson Designs! We look forward to finishing it soon (It's on the list :)  The studio space includes my office, big work tables, walls of fabrics, and the accessories room which all stays continuously busy with client projects!