2020 USA Powerlifting Due North Feats of Strength
Athlete Informational Email #1
Hey Lifters!

We can't wait to have you on the platform! Over the next couple of weeks, we will send you important information via email. Keep reading for details on this event!

As of this time, this event will be hosted OUTDOORS at Crossfit Due North in Traverse City. Warm ups will be held indoors. Crossfit Due North has several warm up stations, each equipped with barbells, a squat rack, and bench. Most athletes will be able to have their own station, but a few may need to share.

Chairs will be provided for spectators, but feel free to bring your own lawn chairs or canopies to set up in the parking lot! The platform will be covered by canopies for shade.

CrossFit Due North
1145 Woodmere Ave
Traverse City, MI.49686

Please note that at this time, Equipment Check is waived for COVID-19 Safety Protocols. I highly recommend that you send photos of your equipment to gina.hensley@calloso.com to verify that you have the correct gear. This will save you from a potentially embarrassing encounter on the platform.

Friday, September 25

6:00pm-7:00pm - Optional Early Check-In & Rack Heights

Saturday, September 26

6:30am - Doors Open
7:00am SHARP - Weigh-Ins
6:30am-8:30am - Check-In & Rack Heights
8:30am - Mandatory Athlete Rules Meeting
9:00am - Lifting Begins
Approved Equipment & Technical Rules

This event will follow the USA Powerlifting Technical Rules. As an athlete, it is your responsibility to learn the technical rules of competition and ensure that your equipment is approved. This also includes following anti-doping/drug testing guidelines. Drug tests will be performed on 10% of lifters by urinalysis. Because this is not a national event, it is not required to have IPF Approved equipment. However, your equipment must follow the specifications in the rulebook. Click below for more information on USA Powerlifting Rules and Bylaws.
Please wear a mask (or face shield)!

All participants for this event MUST wear a mask at all times. Exceptions will not be made for anybody in attendance. You are responsible for bringing your own mask. Coaches and spectators also must bring and wear their own masks. Your mask must:

  • Fully cover your mouth AND NOSE
  • Fit snugly on your face, showing no gaps
Other mask information:
  • Your mask must not be shared with anyone else
  • Your mask can be secured (with tape) so that it does not slide into your eyes
  • Face Shields are also permitted so long as they cover the entire face
  • Cloth masks and even large headbands can be used if they follow the above guidelines
  • Masks can only be removed while eating or drinking

NOTE: If you are not comfortable with wearing a mask or face shield on meet day, please email me at gina.hensley@calloso.com to request a meet credit for a later date. Showing up on the day of the event and refusing to wear a mask will result in removal from the venue, and no refunds will be given.

Weight Class Changes & Withdrawals

If you need to change your weight class or division before the meet, please do so by sending us an email. To ensure that you are placed in the same flight as your competitors, you must do this by  Saturday, September 12. Changes can be submitted after this, but your flight will not change.

If you would like to transfer to another event or withdraw from the meet, you can also send us an email. If you are uncomfortable with following the social distancing guidelines such as wearing a mask at all times and maintaining 6 feet distance, we recommend taking a meet credit for an event in the future when these guidelines are no longer in place.  Please keep in mind that absolutely no refunds will be issued so long as this event is not cancelled.

First Time Lifter?

Is this your first time competing? If so, take a moment to look at our  First Meet Tips  page on our website! This will help you know what to expect on meet day.
That's it for now, athletes! Stay tuned for more informational emails coming your way.