2020 Vision - Secure More Profitable Payer Contracts
When is the last time your payer contracts were renegotiated?

When is the last time you had an increase to your payer reimbursements?

Properly Managing Your Payer Contracts is Vital.

Decreasing provider reimbursements demand a proactive approach to your payer relationships.

To most physicians, the most important part of any contract is the fee schedule. If the fee schedule is unacceptable, the clauses and language contained in the rest of the contract is irrelevant.

Why the CodeToolz Contract Analyzer?

Our roots in payer contracting run deep, making CodeToolz one of the most effective payer contracting and reimbursement firms in the country.

Our Contract Analyzer allows healthcare providers to understand the true value of their payer contracts. Physicians need the ability to visualize their existing contracts and how commercial payers stack up against each other.

Let the experts at CodeToolz take your contracting efforts from burden to competitive advantage.
We are continually honing our strategic and technical skills to successfully usher clients through reimbursement strategies and price negotiations.

The primary mission of CodeToolz is to help medical providers increase their revenue. It’s as simple as that.
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