Named in honor of the late Andrew Melczer who committed his career to
healthcare and devoted his life to helping, teaching, and sharing with others. This award recognizes an individual who has provided exemplary service by giving their time to WEDI and the health care IT industry on a national basis. Andrew Melczer exemplified these characteristics through his volunteerism with WEDI.

For 2020 all WEDI members were invited to submit nominations for our awards, and John actually received three glowing recommendations!

John Kelly worked with the WEDI staff, as well as other WEDI Board members, this year to find a way to convert the WEDI conferences to virtual events. Without a bit of experience or prototypes to guide him, he managed to create events that were full of educational opportunities. With each event, lessons learned from the last event were applied to future events to improve the attendee experience. John made the conversion look seamless despite the unexpected amount of work that had to be done in the background. Please consider John for the Andrew Melczer award. 

John played a huge role in the development of our education programs for 2020. Due to COVID, big changes were necessary and John was an integral part of implementing those changes. I would like to acknowledge John as he had to step up when I had to step away due to medical issues. John has done a fabulous job as co- chair of the Education Committee and Payment models. 

John has been a true WEDI leader with his tireless efforts as Education Committee Co-Chair and his work as a board members. He would be a well-deserved recipient of this prestigious award. 

We all agree wholeheartedly with the nominations and truly appreciate the time and work John has dedicated to WEDI.