Named in honor of Steve Lazarus, who was a former WEDI Board Chair and
expletory volunteer. This award recognizes an individual who has provided
significant leadership to the fulfillment of the mission, objectives, programs and
overall volunteer activities of WEDI through participation in committees,
workgroups, PAGs, Board of Directors, and events.

This year we opened up award nominations to all WEDI members and Laurie received the following glowing recommendations for this award: 
Laurie Darst has been committed to WEDI and the Board for many years. She has been a leader and has inspired others to step into leadership roles. She has volunteered in many roles over the years and has always been willing to step up to a challenge.

Laurie has been a big advocate of WEDI over the years. She has been instrumental of bringing in new individuals through her years with WEDI. Laurie has been very active with administrative simplification specifically with topics such as the 5010 implementation, NPI and HPID to name a few. Laurie has led the group to not only concentrate on the current but future as well.
We all agree wholeheartedly with the nomination and truly appreciate the time and work Laurie has dedicated to WEDI.