Recognizes a leader in the making; someone who is making a real contribution
and a real difference within WEDI. This award recognizes someone who has
actively supported the efforts of their workgroup, subworkgroup, committee or
task group through their commitment, leadership, team play, and productivity.

This year we opened up award nominations to all WEDI members and we received the following glowing recommendations for this award: 
Patrick Cannady for the Volunteer Service Award. He has helped the Dental SWG persevere through co-chairs and has encouraged the group to create work products that effectively addresses areas that of interest to the Dental SWGs participants including the recent ERA/EFT Dental Issue Brief. We truly appreciate his dedication to the Dental SWG and to the Data Exchange Workgroup.

The Telehealth WG has had a very productive year. Allison Armstrong has helped lead the group to create a podcast, multiple papers, webinars, surveys, and conference sessions. They have kept up with the ever- changing requirements that have occurred through the public health emergency, and continue to represent WEDI’s position of identifying relevant industry activities and providing education to our members in a variety of modes.

Rose Hodges – Rose co-chairs two SWGs within the Data Exchange group – Attachments and Claims. Rose’s expertise in both of these areas is a great benefit to both groups. She has worked with the attachments SWG to produce multiple webinars prior to the WEDI National Conference, while continuing to monitor for an attachments rule to further drive work within the SWG. She also has worked with the Claims SWG to produce a webinar and paper on duplicate claims, which will be very valuable to the industry.

Beth Davis for her very active role as a co-chair and strong contributor to the Claims SWG. She brings a great perspective and energy to the workgroup.

Dave Haugen - for his work on the CORE Operating Rules PAG, Peer Review Committee, and Administrative Automation Task Group. He’s never afraid to step up and take a leadership role, which usually comes with more work for himself. He’s an incredible resource and a true value to WEDI.

The Security and Privacy WG consistently provides the WEDI membership with work products that outline changing regulations and requirements, including podcasts, papers, webinars, and conference sessions, to ensure that WEDI members understand the regulations and actions that need to be taken. Marilyn Zigmund Luke and Tina Grande are excellent at working with their WG and other WGs to share information and provide value to the WEDI membership.

Matthew Albright - for his work on the Communications Committee and for being the host of the WEDI podcast. The podcast has been an incredible new resource for WEDI and I always look forward to hearing Matthew’s voice and the meaningful conversations that he has with the podcast guests.  

Donna Campbell, co-chair of the Eligibility and Benefits subworkgroup for the Volunteer Service Award. Donna managed to keep the work group moving forward with limited support from her co-chair who ended up resigning. In the second quarter, Donna listened to the workgroup and changed the focus for their work product. The workgroup brought forward many questions regarding tiered benefits. Under Donna’s guidance and her deep knowledge base, Donna was able to help the workgroup begin to define the complex topic. Without Donna, this work product would not be the rich resource that is in development.
We all agree wholeheartedly with the nominations and truly appreciate the time and work that the Volunteer Service Award winners dedicate to WEDI.